3rd Year Anniversary Party Reminder & New Toys coming soon!

Hey everyone! Today was the last day unfortunately to sign up for an invatation to go to New York City. Anyways, you can still watch it live on Club Penguin and celebrate with buying some Club Penguin toys!

Today you can no longer sign up to go celebrate the 3rd year anniversary in Times Square, New York. However you can watch it while partying on Club Penguin with your buddies! I do live in New York but 4 hours away from this event so I cannot attend the party. 😦 Sorry guys!

Also, with the arrival of the 3rd year anniversary hats on Friday October 24 the new plush toys will come out! On October 24 these toys will be available at Toys R Us, Disney Shops, Disney Theme Parks, and also the Club Penguin Shop online. I can’t wait!


The team of http://bikeboy93.org has now turned into http://cpclubpenguincheatscp.com! However you can still use http://bikeboy93.org to get to my site! Tell me if you like the new link!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


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    Thanks dude!

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