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Want to stay in contact with Club Penguin’ Cheats Home, or just have a question! Now, our site has expanded that to make it possible! Now you can contact us more efficiently! We have a total of 4 emails and look to have more in the future!


If you have any questions about the site or about Club Penguin contact:

If you have any question that deals with Club Penguin contact the email above.

If you have any questions about having trouble with getting somewhere on my site, or a Club Penguin issue contact the email above.

If you have any fan comments and want to share Club Penguin stuff contact the email above.

All these emails (except fanmail) will all contact you immediately. We look to help you!


38 Responses

  1. […] made a “Contact Us” page which can be found on the side bar where the pages are, or CLICK HERE to go to the “Contact Us” page and find out how to send […]

  2. Sweet! Good job Bike Boy! Yay it’s ,my birthday! So far my school has been cancled! It’s already the best birthday! Leave a comment at my site by clicking my name above! Thankss!


  3. Hello, Bike. Theres A Question I Want To Ask…
    At The End Of Your Email, How Did You Get It To Say .
    I Would Really Appreciate It If You Replied Back! Thank-You!

  4. Sweet, good idea Bike!!!

  5. 😦 Still No Reply On Question No. 3, But Aww Well.

  6. hey Bike it’s Zapper903 whats up?

  7. Hi Bikeboy93,
    I might quit Clubpenguin because my dream of becoming famous is fading away. You probably don’t, but do you know anyone who needs another author on their site? If I don’t become famous, it’ll still be ok. It’s just I’ve been trying to become famous for about 1 year now. Sorry to bother, just please answer my question!!! By the way, nice post.


  8. Sup!!!! so why did you start to play on CP……its kinda weird but whatever you wanna do you go for it!!!

  9. I love your new theme + style (red flame is sweet!)

  10. Edited out by Bike Boy93 😀


  12. Bikeboy how do u take pictues on club penguin for a cheat website? please help me

    Bike Boy93 Said: Hello! Thanks for the question! Follow these steps below:

    1. Log onto Club Penguin.

    2. Once you have selected the room at which you want to take the picture press “Print Screen SysRq” button on your keyboard.

    3. Press the start button if you’re using Windows.

    4. Hit the tab “Programs”

    5. Select the tab that says “Accessories.”

    6. Select the program “Paint” while still in tab “Accessories.”

    7. In “Paint” press the “Edit” tab on the top of your screen.

    8. While in the Edit tab click on the option that says “Paste.”

    9. Your picture will now come up. Press the “Select” tool on the left of your screen that looks like a dotted rectangle.

    10. Use the “Select” tool to tell the program Paint how big of the picture you want.

    11. Once you are done, right click on where you selected the picture and hit “Copy To.”

    12. Choose a name and file you want to save as and then select the “Save” button.

    13. Press on the “File” tab on the top of your screen.

    14. Press on the option in the File tab that says “Open.”

    15. Your picture will now pop up.

    16. Click the “File” tab once again on the top of your screen.

    17. Choose the option that says “Save As” and select a file name. Save as type .PNG

    18. Now click save and your done!

  13. OMg thx alot now i can get pictures for the pin

  14. um how do u add a picture to a blog?

  15. how do u get in the closet in the hq

    Bike Boy93 Said: You must have the Club Penguin Elite Force game for the Nintendo DS.

  16. I think this idea of a page is great! I might send you something sometime.

    Love the custom domains, love them. Nice page.


    Bike Boy93 Said:

  17. bikeboy i really want the penguin band sweater but i cant find will u help me?

  18. Heyy bikeboy. This is a very nice site and i love the CSS. Please can you comment on my site i would love it if you do, i am also going to be a daily viewr on your site. 🙂 My site is:

    ~ 8) Woff 8) ~

    You rock

  19. how do u add pictures to a blog?!?!? ANSWER ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. hi i love ur website its sooo cool add me on ur clubpeguin email me when ur going on 😉

  21. my email is if you add me ill give my club penguin for real i mean it i will

  22. hey bike boy how do you meet moderators on clubpenguin???

    Bike Boy93 Said: Moderators are just like you, they go onto Club Penguin on random servers on random times, so it’s really difficult to find them!

  23. I asked u if i can be my bud but u did not reply or send a request why

    Bike Boy93 Said: I’m sorry but I’m full.

  24. to Bike Boy 93

  25. hey bike. its me lordmephiles. remember the party u had? i was there. PLZ dont delete me from ur friends list

  26. u have not replied

  27. ; – (

  28. oh u did reply

  29. i understand

  30. Sooooo next time lets see each other again but tell me when we will meet up

  31. Hey, bikeboy93, I sent you a very important email. Please go read it.

  32. ;(

  33. Bike can u notify me on any upcomin parties ur havin? send to

  34. Yo BikeBoy I Want To Become Famous On ClubPenguin Ive Been On Lots Of Sites For How To Become Famous And Ive Tried Them All Some Plz Plz Plz Could U Email Me At How To Become Famous Plz Plz Plz Im Begging U To Email Me On How To Become Famous P.S 🙂 plz plz plz im begging bike boy

  35. What happened to Wwe Adams site? 😦

    Bike Boy93 Said:
    Dude I have no idea! I think Adam advertised something but now he’s gonna blame me 😦

  36. BIKE BOY I SAW YYOU ON CLUB PENGUIN BUT yOU WONT ACCEPT ME 😦 im not your fan anymore :((((

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