Rockhopper Finding Guide

Rockhopper last seen on server: IS NOT ON CLUB PENGUIN

About Rockhopper:

Rockhopper is a pirate on Club Penguin that visits the island of Club Penguin almost every month. While he is on the island, he brings rare items to sell, including free items for non members. Rockhopper sticks out from other penguins, because of his long beard and his tall hat. When you are searching for him these items he is wearing is good because no other penguins can buy or collect his items. When you press the wink button on his playercard to be his buddy you can get his prize he is giving out to everyone who meets him. The first item he gave out was the eyepatch, but now he is giving out a background. If you click his house on his playercard you will be sent to his ship “The Migrator.” At the Migrator you can either go to rooms such as the Crows Nest, Ship Hold, and his Quarters. In the Quarters you can play a game with some friends called “Treasure Hunt.” Lastly, Rockhopper has a puffle also! Just like regular penguins.

Rockhopper Finding Guide:

Are you guys ready too find Rockhopper? Well, first of all it is difficult but by following these rules down below it will help you find him at least once! Note: You can only find Rockhopper when him, and his boat “The Migrator” is on Club Penguin.

Tips on How to Find Rockhopper:

  • First of all if you want to find Rockhopper, it is going to be pretty hard but this step will help you. To test if he is on at all, type in the username: Rockhopper, and the password: online. If it says banned forever he is off line. If it says incorrect password he is online.
  • If you see a server that is normally empty, but it is full that may be a sign he is on that server. Or if you see penguins shouting “ROCKHOPPER?!?” that probably means he is on the server you are on.
  • The rooms that you can find Rockhopper in, is the Dock, Beach, The Migrator, Ship Hold, Pizza Parlor, Snow Forts, Cove and the Plaza. He occasionally will go to the Ice Berg so check there if he is not in any of the rooms above.
  • If a room is full that may be a sign that Rockhopper is in it. If people are shouting “ROCKHOPPER!!” that will probably mean he is definitely in there.
  • Rockhopper likes many servers. He doesn’t stay at the same server for a long period of time. He usually jumps to other servers once often. Rockhopper likes the lower population servers better, and also likes the visit the popular servers like Frozen and Mammoth.
  • Rockhopper also likes populated servers, such as Frozen, Mammoth, and Blizzard which are his favorite populated servers to visit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does Rockhopper Give You?

Good question. Every now and then he switches his gift. He started out with giving out an eyepatch, but now he is giving out free backgrounds for all players! I am sure in the future he will give new items out in the future.

Can You be Rockhopper’s Friend?

Well, everyone is Rockhopper’s friend, but the only bad thing is that it doesn’t show up on your buddy list ( I hope in the future Club Penguin will make it that you can have Rockhopper on your buddylist to find him easier.

Is Rockhopper a moderator or a robot?

Moderators will occasionally go on Rockhopper’s account but to tell if it is a moderator or a robot there is two ways. First send him a post card. If he responds back to you with a post card it is a moderator. If Rockhopper is say weird stuff such as “Arr Mateys! The pirates life for me!” It is probably the robot.

Are you ready? Get searching!

~Bike Boy93~


65 Responses

  1. FLrockhopper is the boss of rockhopper he gives u ever thing u can think of like a free member ship…and others.

  2. what is Flrockhopper email

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  4. I cannot find ROCKHOPPER! And I followed your rules. I still can’t find him. He leaves tonight, and I will meet him before he leaves. I will stay on his ship until I meet him.

  5. ??????????????????

  6. i need MORE held thows tips DONT work

  7. Wanna be my friend on CP i will mostly be on sever Crystal.

  8. Your Rockhopper finding guide really does work
    Rockhopper last seen in pirate ship at 9:30pm on mammoth!!!

  9. hey wanna be my friend on cp? we can meet on the 2nd of july on sleet at the dojo. at 2:00 california time

  10. rockhopper is not a member

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  12. “If Rockhopper is say weird stuff such as “Arr Mateys! The pirates life for me!” It is probably the robot.”

    haha it’s either the robot or a drunk mod 😆

  13. I think rockhopper should be able to wear more stuff.

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  15. I have found were rockhopper is thanks to your advice.But I was gonna eat dinner then when I came back connection was lost so i restarted but the server was full for a long time!! Boo Hoo!!

  16. I found Rockhopper finally! But my mom called me but when I came back connection was lost!when i restarted the server was full for a long time!!! BOO HOO!!!!!!!!

  17. heyy i cant find rockhopper if u have seen him talk to koolies1 im on mammoth at the moment

  18. im in the pirate ship hoild so if uve seen him go strate there

  19. *im in the pirate ship hold so if u have seen him go there!*

  20. bike boy can u tell me how to make a website like this?

  21. Rockhopper last saw on Deep Snow 5 min ago

  22. I wish I could have Rockhopper on my buddy

  23. I fanally saw rockhopper a month ago on ice berg or mammoth about maybe some where around 6:00 PM florida time if u want to meet me on cp im on mammoth on 6:30

  24. my friends hate rockhopper
    i dont hes the best!

  25. Rockhopper is so cool!
    I met him once! 😀

  26. i found Rockhopper! He’s in Blizzard right now! Hurry hurry before he gets away! GOOD LUCK!

  27. You rock!

  28. lol

  29. Rockhopper is just a bot!

  30. well rockhopper ent not that cool,imeen hes just a famose penguin
    not much he only gives one free item for non members and four for members so wats the big deal???

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  32. it never worked this couldent be a glitch

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  35. Thanks they are good I like rh I met hime before!

  36. he is also at the forest

  37. yo what serrver does rockhopper go on and oh what server does billy bob go on i need to know this to whats the code to get a ipod on clubpenguin
    oh and if somebody tells me ill give you a thankyou card on clubpenguin and add you to my buddy list and comment that this is the best cheat ever if you tell me those things iv never done because i dont know them

  38. how do you meet rockhopper and how do you meet gary and how do you meet billy bob

  39. i did not even seen rockhopper even once i flowed all this rule

  40. i didnt find rockhopper any where

  41. Rockhopper is on Summit today december 22nd

  42. what is your favorite server i wanna get you on my friend list mine is mammoth if its full blizzard and if its full crystle

  43. he will probaly get put into a dunktank cause he is so dumb

  44. Bikeboy i have tried everything to spot rockhopper but your stupid website doesnt give me any help

  45. I found rock hopper once

  46. You have an awsome website

  47. were is Rockhopper?

  48. i love rockhopper soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, you are the best ! rockhopper if you r there hi my name is greeniepops5 i am a big fan off urs, if i see u i will faint and i love your red puffle

  49. woah awesome site and that rockhopper finding guide really helped

  50. I found rockhopper!

  51. on ice age

  52. i never got to see rockhopper and i really wanted to

  53. he did’nt really find rockhopper. His picture with rockhopper and chrisdog93’s picture are the exact same
    Bikeboy93 just got owned. And now everyone is going to read this

  54. Thanks for helping me to get Rockhopper’s password.

  55. if we do find him how will we get present // hes been on mammoth all day

  56. free membership..

  57. i want free membership

  58. What if it says “NOTE:Passwords are CaSe SeNsiTIVE”

    Bike Boy93 Said: A long time ago when it said “NOTE:Passwords are CaSe SeNsiTIVE” that meant he was online and when it said “Banned Forever” that meant he was offline. Unfortunately those methods of finding him no longer exist.

  59. nice but looking 4 more of inventor’s apprentice answers!

    but thx 4 all the info!

    i will come back to this website!


  60. Thx i found rock hopper cause you helped me! if i could thank you in any way i will be happy

  61. I have a question: is rock hopper a real human player? and its always say the password online is incorrect so i dont think it works. and rock hopper gets only in frozen mamoth and blizzard?

  62. I dont need answers for my questions cause i have an answer fo all of them

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