Penguin Look of the Week!



Would you like to be featured as penguin of the week? Nows your chance!

Heres how to do it:

  • Go on Frozen, Dock a lot! I will be picking penguins from there!
  • Go on Frozen, Dock at 4:30 PM Penguin Time.
  • What do you need to do? Well, dress as cool as possible!
  • You don’t necessarily need to be dressed rare. You can also dress wacky!

I will be picking a random penguin every Sunday at Frozen, Dock. No, it wont always be my buddy’s! I’m trying to make this fair as possible and trying to make you all famous! Remember what I said up above, (You don’t need to be rare… you can also dress wacky!)

Hope you get picked!


38 Responses

  1. every Sunday…starting with what sunday? LOL

    Bike Boy93 Said: Starting this Sunday. I just made the page today.

  2. why can’t it be saturday?

  3. coolness!!! i wanna be famous!!!!!!!!!!! my site is pretty bad…. so ti would be cool if i won!!

  4. cool! That is a great idea!


  6. Hey Bikeboy! I have a really unique and cool look that I would like 2 share with CP! This would be a great opprutunity to do so. I actually experimented looks for this page. If we could meet somewhere on CP I could show u the look. CYA L8R!


  7. can i just show you my penguins look now maybe

  8. ill go on dude u rok

  9. oooh…kk! =D perhaps i’ll get a chance on around that time…

  10. im always on frozen……… rock!!!!

  11. Awesome! I really want to meet you bikeboy!

  12. Ya im a member sooo i am mostly on the top servers but i am having one later except different! There is more stuff! LOLZ! See ya on! Im Pinkey123443 on clubpenguin!

  13. Cool idea, maybe I can win 🙂
    ~Small Fry12~

  14. Wow you sure have a creative mind with club penguin!I am on club penguin everyday too and I go on frozen all of the time!Look for me on Club penguin my penguins name is Brianna250.Oh and please tell people about my blog it’s really cool!

  15. Hey bike i am on now waiting for 4 more hours lol

  16. I had been waitin all day on sun! Nobody came!

  17. thats couse he is on a different penguin

  18. BTW toopt is banned 4 ever.


  20. Ok no offense but it’s definately been over a week.

  21. it been one week!

  22. To everyone, sorry I am busy and can’t really update this page a lot due to my outside life. However, I will put more effort into this page. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    -Bike Boy93

  23. unfair Spray been it for like to weeks, I was waiting for an
    hour and a half on Sunday on Frozen
    at 4 30 clubpenguin time. I’m going to wait again… You should be there Bikeboy93. PLAESE THERE WHERE A BUNCH OF SAD PPL CAUSE YOU WERENT THRER!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE I’m your BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!!!!! So please i am AquaWave08!!!!!

  24. I’m your BIGGEST fan ever!!! So please show up this Sunday at 4 30 on Frozen
    and change the penguin look of the week to someone else, when I mean that
    not Spray… I’m AquaWave08 thats my penguin name! I’m your#1 FAN EVER!!!!


  26. its okay

  27. Do you still do it??

  28. yes i do!!!

  29. Thats awesome!
    Please join
    -16 Members
    -Filled with CP Cheats
    -Tons of Fun!

  30. my site is fixed up so its not so corny….all i need is PPL!

  31. my old penguin is banned 4 ever!!!his user name is Dvdmovie his pass is payanuey!!!!


  32. hey Dvdmovie!

  33. hiya i wil be at the dock today at 4.30pm penguin time
    my name is AOR23 if u c me cd u be my buddy

  34. hey everybody

  35. I’m at the dock server Frozen at 7:25 PM Penguintime: 4:25

  36. be my buddy too

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