How to become famous



The following tips are helpful on becoming famous on Club Penguin. There are a lot of ways to do this but you have to work hard for it. If you want to be famous it takes awhile but don’t give up! In my opinion I think there are 4 helpful guides to become famous.

Becoming Famous Option #1:

If you want to become a really famous penguin and well known penguin on Club Penguin this might be the helpful tip for you. You can’t be rude or mean to penguins. Be as kind as you can to penguins and try to complement them! Such as saying “You are awesome!” When you become famous people will start to know you and crowd you, and also beg to be your buddy. A good way to gain a lot of fans is play games with them. When I have free time on Club Penguin I usually play Find Four, Sled Racing, and other games with my fans to keep them. Try having conversations with your fans as much as possible.

Becoming Famous Option #2

The next tip which in my rating I would rate 10/10 is make a Club Penguin Blog! If you want to make a Club Penguin Blog you need time and effort on it. Try to get your posts on time. This way, you will get a higher rank on google and people will find your site easier so you can get more hits! Also, try to make your posts with as much information as possible with the topic you are posting on. When you first make the blog it will take a few weeks to get known about. Some good ways to get your site going around is go comment sites, and advertise. Don’t spam the sites but say like “Hey Awesome Post!”

To get started on a Club Penguin Blog click here!

Becoming Famous Option #3

Making youtube videos is a great way of spreading your fame around. It is hard at first but then after a month or so you kinda get the hang of it! Make as many videos as possible to get the views for your videos! Describe the video as much as you can and what the video is about. Also, use tags so your video can be easily searched. Make a title that everyone will search. Also if you have a Club Penguin blog try to advertise your videos on your blog. Say something like “Please comment and rate 5/5! and subscribe” This tip will help get you views, and will have people to subscribe to you! Try to make 2 to 3 minute videos.

Tools used to be a good movie maker:

Hypercam 10/10 Best way to record Club Penguin videos.

Windows Movie Maker- 7/10 Good editing tool to edit your videos with.

Becoming Famous Option #4

This option is kinda hard to pull off, but it is good if you don’t want to install any movie makers or make a blog. This option requires to be well known on Mammoth on Frozen. Go on these servers and try to become friends with famous penguins. This way you will start to meet there friends and you will get your name spread around. Send your friends postcards! Your friend will enjoy this and remember your name. Also advertise for an igloo party in the town, or dock! A lot of people will come to your igloo and remember you.

Are you ready?

Are you guys ready for what it takes! Remember you can’t be famous right away. It takes a lot of time and effort to pull it off.

If you are ready to become famous, then get started!

~Bike Boy93~


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  1. how do you get to show the newspaper on your site and stuff like that?

  2. Does Hypercam cost money?

    Bike Boy93 Said: Good question! It does not cost money, but if you want the registered one which is better you will want to buy it.

  3. Can you show me the link to the one that is free?

    Bike Boy93 Said:


  5. cool site
    go to

    ~ icool456

  6. Bikeboy you left 1 out or i didnt read it you can be famous by being old on clubpenguin like me! im in my 800’s and been banned 4 times but if i get 5 im in forever!

  7. i hope i become famous one day


  9. the partys awsome

  10. its cool:D

  11. I make a blog and youtube vids…but I use these cool effects and stuff that a lot of other famous penguins use. But i still dont get a lot of views. i used good tags and everything. do u think that like music vids will be better?

    Bike Boy93 Said: Making music videos will make you even more famous! I even make music vids so I think you should try it!

  12. bike boy i am uploding a club penguin video now. its called cp video. im using hypercam. i will be doing mission guids i will be clicking on penguins having igloo contest and doing music vids i will put them on youtube
    do you think i will be famous?
    please comment on my vid once its uploaded. if you want i cant sponsor you and tell my viewers to go on your site so you get more hits. tell me what you think! comment back

  13. bike i need help. im trying to uplode a video on youtube from hypercam how do i do it?
    comment back on both comments please

  14. bike how do you upload vids on youtube from hypercam?
    i really need to know how.
    comment back!

  15. bike it would really help me alot if you told me how to upload vids on youtube off off hypercam

  16. bikeboy i have two quistions you need to answer.
    1. i have vids on hypercam how do i get them on youtube?
    2. how do you do all those cool efects and change the color and stuff like that?
    please comment back

    Bike Boy93 Said: Well, first of all if you are using windows movie maker there is a button on the left hand side where all the options are. There should be a button that says Save my movie under the “Finish Movie Section.” Press that and you will be able to save it as any name you want. Once it is completed go to youtube and select your deception and tags, and then you will come to a page that says browse video. Choose the name of the file you saved the video as.. and it will work! Now if you want to add different colors go under the option “Edit Move” and click View video effects and once you have found the effect you want simply drag it into the clip.

  17. thanks but im using windows media player how do i do that?

    Bike Boy93 Said: I don’t use windows media player, but I don’t even think that’s a movie editing software.

  18. well then how do you get windows movie maker and did it come with hypercam
    p.s im usint the free hypercam please comment back!

  19. i have the free hypercam it came with something called windows media player i know you used the free hypercam because i watch your vids. can you please try to help me. please comment back

    Bike Boy93 Said: Every windows computer has windows movie maker. Simply go to the start button on the sidebar at the bottom of you screen. Then click all programs and then look for windows movie maker.

  20. i hope i can be famous soon. im well known with the minor blog penguins. Like the guys who have 1,000-30,000 hits. Also check out the sites of cp trio and bodge101 cause they are good

  21. thanks man! i found it! im having a problem putting he video on youtube can you please help me out? thanks!

  22. ok. i have put my first cp video episode on youtube!!!!!!!! go to to see my video! please comment on it!

  23. bad news. i didnt get my video on youtube. i did what you said and when i uploaded it it said invalid format. what do i do???? i really need you to help me
    please comment back

  24. i really need to know how to do this please tell me
    i really want to be famous

  25. please help me

    Bike Boy93 Said: Well first of all did u press the save to my computer button on windows movie maker?

  26. Hey nice post and site!!! Visit mine sometime!!

  27. watever i really dont care anymore.
    im buddyes with you and im being nice to penguins and im throwning partys and i have over 500 people adding me as a buddy each day. i quit the youtube stuff im gonna be famous teo other ways

  28. Hola bike! I was wondering… do you only use Windows Movie Maker for your vids?Thanx 😀
    Oh btw awesome page.

    Bike Boy93 Said: No I also use a new program.

  29. Can ya name that program and does it cost $$?Thanx

  30. Lol…

    Bike Boy93 Said: The program I use I can’t tell anyone.. And it does cost money.

  31. Ohk. Im trying to get my friend to help me get a serial code for some stuff…

  32. And i dont even know what that is lol

  33. Hey Bike! Good tips but I don’t think there’s such things as fame. Fame is something really stupid and why people do it is cause they want crowds. Thats really wrong! -Scareynewt42

    Bike Boy93 Said: I agree dude 😀

  34. help me det unbanned ps plzzzzzzzzzzz
    -duke murky

  35. i play on frozen

  36. how is the registered hyper cam different from the free one?

    Bike Boy93 Said: Well, the registered one when you record doesn’t show the white tab up top that says Unregistered Hypercam2.

  37. ❓ ❓

  38. I would like to sign up!

  39. hey i wanna get google rank watever it is…….. could u give me a link sooooo i can get it

  40. hey dude can u put me on ur blogroll plz if u did u would awseome!!

  41. bike boy93 can you please tell me how you make all of your vids please??



  44. What is a good video maker AND editer for MAC if you know?

    Bike Boy93 Said: Final Cut Pro.

  45. Thx!!now my blog is getting abit of hits


  46. hypercam is not good on my computer is there any thing besids hypercam

  47. How do I Record on Club Penguin with Windows Movie Maker?

  48. Hi Bikeboy can you tell me the Site where you Downloaded the free Hypercam? I want to download it too. 😀
    ~Lander 101 8) ~

    Bike Boy93 Said: Here is the link enjoy! 😀

  49. well u need utube viedos but i dont know how to make utube viedos right

  50. cool ill get started right away

  51. hey bikeboy it looks like you know tren56
    i know him too
    we shoyuld hang out and bye the way sweet site

  52. What if you want to be a famous non-member penguin? Or is that impossible?

    Bike Boy93 Said: Even if you are not a member it is still possible to be famous! Take Fever as an example he has the best blog about Club Penguin Cheats!

  53. if some one wants to be famous (like me) do I have to set up heaps of parties and be really kind to sad penguins, or also help out such as showing a tour? Im not really sure. becides that this post is good for people who arent famous, my panguins name is tweatle.


  54. you guys should check out my blog go to i hope u like it try to leave a comment too thanks

  55. Hi everyone! Ninja58 here, you may know me from YouTube ( so anyways I’m accepting friend requests at Bikeboy’s viewer party, which will take place when he has 85,000 hits I believe. Until then…waddle on! -Ninja58 6:52PM July 14 2008

  56. COOL SITE! plz visit mine! (it’s not that good, but i hope u like it!)

  57. I have a site
    i have tryed the hypercam but when i watch the vid it is just all black what do i need to do to fix it? Some people say you have to have a look like a pin, backround, outfit dose it work?

  58. Hey Bikeboy. I have the same layout and Template as you. But its just all white as the background and stuff. Im guessing you use CSS on WordPress right? Well if you do could u tell me how to change the color of the background and the link and text color? Thanks.


  59. Bikeboy, can we meet your never my friend.

  60. How do i make my page cool like put pictures on and write my blog??? Kinda newbish question but plz answer me.

  61. Aweosme job on this page Bike Boy!

  62. all you are cool please meet me i am in frozen all time at the dock or town

  63. hi i’m sortof famous not really but i know around wordpress a weebit ! I make lots of videos ! including my hits series superbad! (search lugiaxd20 on youtube) ive noticed that your videos are well done with effects and stuff what video editer (not windows movie maker) do you use?
    check me out at

  64. i have a site but i dont know how to paste pics on it!

  65. is there any other way to make vids other than hypercam and i used to make a site and it has stuff wordpress doesnt have, but wordpress has stuff homestead doesnt have, but it costs money. nvm.

  66. Awesome website

    Visit my blog:

    I really wannna be famous and this guide helped me heaps! thanx bike boy

  67. by the way if u want to make a blog i recommend wordpress because its free and quick. i reckon im doing good on my website and its only 2 days old!!
    Bike boy are you famous?

  68. what did you use to take those pictures?

    Bike Boy93 Said: I used a program called “Paint” on every windows computer.

  69. how can i become famous???

  70. how do you get hypercam?

  71. Hi Bikeboy. I need your help. What do I click on to get the free hypercam? Please respond! I really want a free hypercam!!

    Bike Boy93 Said: Go to this link and then you will see either Server 1 or 2. You can either pick one of those and then you will have hypercam!

  72. Thanks so much Bikeboy! I’m happy you gave me the link! And, can you meet me in Club Penguin? Tell me the server, and what time.

  73. Oh yeah, Bike, if I do get hypercam, I want to use it to make videos and put them on YouTube! And I know you have a YouTube account, so I figured I could ask you. Here’s my question: Is making a YouTube account free? Please respond!
    -Hyperonics Dude

  74. Bike, I’m curious what is the difference between server 1 or server 2 download?

    Please respond!!!

    Bike Boy93 Said: I don’t really think there is a difference. I used Server 1.

  75. Oh, and what server did you pick?

  76. Bike, PLEASE come to my chat box! You to guys! It was hard to make, but I made it! Either click my name, or click this link: Enjoy!

  77. The reason I need you to come, is because Bike: you’re famous. And the rest of you: I want to get into the popular section of Please help me get into the popular section!

  78. thanks i learned many things to be famous

    Bike Boy93 Said: No problem!

  79. forget it! i cant be famous. my parents i mean my mom does not let me have a youtube account. well maybe becuase im 9but im turning 10! grr. but ill still try! thanks bike boy!

  80. um i dont get the blog thing. what do you do if you sign up? what comes out? i dont want to scream when i see it. oh and bike plz email me at

  81. how do you get a hypercam camara?

    Bike Boy93 Said: Go to this link and then you will see either Server 1 or 2. You can either pick one of those and then you will have hypercam!

  82. making a youtube acount is free but idk the rest

  83. do you need to pay the hypercam?
    aww i really want to do it! x(
    sigh cries
    i want it free!

    Bike Boy93 Said: Go to this link and then you will see either Server 1 or 2. You can either pick one of those and then you will have hypercam! It is also free for unregistered!

  84. im so confused
    plz comment back!

  85. can u give me the link of that movie maker thingy plz

    Bike Boy93 Said: There is no link at all. Every windows computer comes with Windows Movie Maker.

  86. is hyper cam the same thing as the movie maker?

    Bike Boy93 Said: No. Hypercam is a program used to record for the movie maker. Once you have recorded a clip, you transfer that clip you recorded into Windows Movie Maker.

  87. how do you get the free hypercam?

    plz coment back!

    Bike Boy93 Said: Go to this link and then you will see either Server 1 or 2. You can either pick one of those and then you will have hypercam!

  88. gr21134 I can’t even find my comments! Lay it loooooow on those things!

  89. gr2134 Lay low on the comments! Now it’s HARD for me to find the link that Bike gave me!
    Wouldn’t you agree Bike?

  90. And Windows Movie Maker is different than hypercam. I’ve tried Windows Movie Maker, and it doesn’t record! It’s for if you have Videos or music you download your pics in your computer, then use Windows Movie Maker (WMM) to make a slide show out of them.

  91. I have to admit though, I DID submit 6 comments. But I counted 10 that you did gr2134!

  92. Hey Bike! I got Hypercam! Thanks SOOOO

    Bike Boy93 Said: Anytime!

  93. its qr2134 plz lets not fight

  94. your lucky you got hypercam

  95. look im sorry im just a big fan thats all.
    don’t need to get mad.
    we could put as many comments as we want.
    you could put like 100 if you want too.
    lets just not fight ok?

  96. bike how do you get a free hypercam?

    plz respond!

    – qr2134

    Bike Boy93 Said: Go to this link and then you will see either Server 1 or 2. You can either pick one of those and then you will have hypercam!

  97. Sorry gr2134. Well, thanks for the congrats!
    I’m really happy with it. If you want a free hypercam like I have, just scroll up. The comment I posted was asking what to click. Click server 1 or 2. Then you will have hypercam! So you can do the same!

  98. thanks your the best! 🙂

  99. im still confused!
    if i click server 1 or 2 will i get it free?

  100. ok ill try thanks! ; )

  101. gr2134 I clicked server 2. Just so you know. If you have hypercam too, comment back!

  102. Now, I’m gonna go record!

  103. well first i got to research incase anything goes wrong. but did you get it free? if i need to pay i might not get it.
    i cant even get a youtube account!
    it does not let me.
    idk why but i might try again
    thanks dude

  104. aww man lucky you!

  105. have fun!

  106. hey hyperonics dude!
    wanna meet in clubpenguin one day?
    plz comment back!

  107. i got hyper cam! thanks! i got it free! now what do i do? plz comment back

  108. ugh idk how to use hypercam! help me! :((

  109. i did not get hypercam
    i need to pay for it

    Bike Boy93 Said: Go to this link and then you will see either Server 1 or 2. You can either pick one of those and then you will have hypercam for free!

  110. i cant have hypercam!

    i really wanted it but im like a little poor
    but i still have just the right amount of money
    you can pay it with credit cards too but
    my dad does not let me maybe when i ask my mom but she will say no too
    ill never be famous.
    ill only be famous when im 20! 😦
    almost happened
    i need to pay to make a website
    i cant even do my band anymore
    oh well ill be un famous like the rest of the penguins
    😦 😦 😦

  111. Uh, gr2134, Click either Server 1 or 2. THEN you will get hypercam free like I did! I got it for free by clicking Server 2. And to use hypercam, click Select Region, And put it where you want the box to start, and make a box around the part of the screen you want to record. That’s how I use it! And, if you want to meet me in Club Penguin, my name is Nextthousand. Ok? Please comment back telling me what your penguin’s name is.

    Hyperonics Dude/Nextthousand

  112. Lol gr2134! You made your website Club Penguin! ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  113. That was funny!

  114. Man, you were so close! I got it for free! The other thing that said something about paying was if you wanted to upgrade your hypercam to make it better. But if you don’t upgrade, or buy it, you’ll get it 100% free like I got mine 100% free!

  115. And, my dad said I might get a You Tube account so I can put my videos on You Tube! I really hope he says yes!

  116. Now, if I see you in Club Penguin gr2134, I’ll record us with my hypercam!

  117. gr2134 Go to my chat box just click my name and my name on there is (fs)Maxchatter(fs)

  118. sorry i wiss i could go to you chat box but im only 9 and people say lots of weird things their.
    i still dont know how to get it free but im going to keep reading your comments oh and by the way my name is qr2134 in clubpenguin
    oh and thnx for letting be in your hypercam
    🙂 you can email me if you want too.
    well im going to try whatyou just said!
    thnx! cya!

  119. oh thnx!
    but i did the download and i cant um you know find the thing but ill try thnx

  120. shoot i out jessyjen instead of qr2134! aww man if u see jessy jen thats me qr2134

  121. i cant find select region

  122. but the other good news is im making my own website!
    its called qj cp
    i have not made it yet but it will be
    my other friend just needs to pay for it
    ugh she takes a while

  123. wheres select region?

  124. is it possible to get a hyper cam for FREE. if it is how and where. i want to know. so please if any one knows how please tell me. i want to be famous too. well i ask all these things because i will make a web site called but we can’t make it yet because we need to make things for it first because if not it would be realy boring so it would be done by the 8 if we could get a hypercam. well PLEASE…

  125. hello Qr2134. you sure do wright here alot dont you! have you found out how to get the hypercam for free yet!

  126. ROFL!!!!! You REALLY can’t find Select Region!? Wow! If I get the You Tube account I’ll make a video on how to use hypercam 2. Then I’ll give you the link.

  127. im serouis dude!
    is it left or right?
    up or down!?
    im american dude!
    help me!
    do you live in miami?
    just help me i really cant find it
    i down loaded it
    now what?

  128. i know i know i did the down load
    now what?
    what do i press!?
    im going crazy!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 😐 nvm

  129. hey i know what you mean but that box thing does not pop up
    becuase whn i click hypercam on the top it shows me the box but its an example.
    the box thing wont come out like to pop up! WHAT DO I DO! i really need your help
    bike is not answering me

  130. :(:(:(:(:(

  131. when i down load it sorry to ask again but is a box suppose to come out?
    if it needs to do that it doesn’t do that
    i hope you get a youtube account to show me and for you can do videos.
    i love to see cp videos!
    i was going to do um lets say i carly!
    i really wanted to
    oh well just um comment back!

  132. Lol gr2134! Select Region is right under the license tab. If you have the same hypercam I do.
    And maybe I can help you if you tell me what the display box looks like. Oh, and I emailed you. Check your inbox. And my dad said some other time just not today. As soon as I get it I’ll let you know. Tommorow I’m gonna go to Bike’s party! He’s having a party, server Tundra, and something CP time. Check it out to see the details.

  133. i love tundra and the box thng does not come out idk why! and i might not get hyper cam again
    i pressed server 2
    it downloaded
    well it just shows like yours i guess
    it shows server 1 and 2
    i press on 2 it says do you want to run it?
    i press run they i do it again
    then i put i accept
    then it says its done
    i press ok
    and nothing comes out
    idk why!
    well im going to check m inbox

  134. did you get it for free or payed it?
    do i need to save it?
    i pressed run run again
    and then i did the rest
    its installd
    do i need to turn off my computer and turn it back on?
    i really dont know what im doing my dad is always busy and my mom is like dont go crazy about this your not getting it!
    the puppy face does not work any more 😦
    i hope you make the video
    😦 😦 😦 😦 😦



  137. My mom and dad said i can’t do the website with my friend Qr2134. its ok though i guess ohhh… well i hope we can do it another time though. by the way he said no because he had his mind set for somthing else with his money. we go to disney every year so he is trying to get enough money to go there before school starts. so thats why. i realy realy wish i could do the web site though !!! ugh…well thats it for now

  138. that sucks
    i really wanted to the website to jenny but didnt happen oh well if u go to disney then
    have a nice time at disney bye!

  139. hi cool right jenny?

  140. i put my moms email address by accident

  141. im very mad at you bike!
    you dont care for your fans!
    i was there!
    you dont even care if they cry like i did!
    thats rude!
    u got to say whats wrong!?
    when your famous you got to be nice!
    one of my friends quit cp cause of you!
    you were my hero and now your not!
    do you only care of your fame, or your fans?
    you cant pick bothif you pick fans of course
    if i was famous i would only care for my fans!
    not my fame.
    you made me so mad and sad today!
    your like looking at me and then lets go to the ski logde.
    im like wth? ( what the heck?)
    you dont care if your fans are sad?
    almost everybody hatz you
    i had the worst day today!
    i wish i didnt even know about cp!

  142. 😦


  144. great you made me cry more
    lets not fight!
    other people said that too

  145. I got the YouTube account, but every time I try to upload a video, it doesn’t work! Can someone help me? Bike? It’s really hard for me! It said InterNet Explorer cannot connect to this website! Please help! I can’t even get the how to use hypercam video on there! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. thats true
    idk why
    i cant get a youtube account!
    oh and bike srry for those things i said i sometimes get temper

  147. Lol funny gr2134

  148. what?
    you got a youtube account!?
    i could have one but it does not let me!
    oh and how do you make like when u press select region like can you put it like in all scren?
    i dont know how to speel it but who cares

  149. yes jenny i have i told you
    duh remember on the phone i told you?
    i just love this webiste ive meet a friend in here!
    🙂 well jenny bye dawg!

  150. Bike Boy I downloaded hypercam but i can’t find how to open it lol

  151. Bikeboy i just made a website can you tell me how i can add a chatbox to it plz

  152. Select Region, you putin the upright corner of the screen. Or start it wherever. HOLD DOWN THE LEFT MOUSE BUTTON WHILE DOING THIS, Now HOLD DOWN THE LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and make a box around the part of the screen you want to record. This is the best I can explain. If YouTube allows me to upload the video, I will be GLAD to show you how to do it. Oh, and I want to tell you about something I JUST downloaded last night! It’s called Scratch. Go to and make a free account. Then, download it. But if you have Windows, download the Windows version. If you have Apple, select the Apple version. I have Windows, so I got the Windows version. It’s a game programmer. It’s kinda hard @ first, but the longer you’ve had Scratch, the more you know how to use it. If you get an account but don’t download it, you can add Favorites, and more. And you can download the games, whitch means if you downloaded Scratch, you can edit the game, and upload it, and the game will say Based on whoever you downloaded it from. I hope you can get Scratch gr2134!

  153. dont know about and is that ninja boy rwally a ninja cause that photo is awesome!
    oh and im getting ready for school so cant right now but maybe tommorow!

  154. wtf is that link that u gave me?

  155. wtf means to me is what the foddy.
    i know its dumm but i dont want to say the real thing

  156. i might get a blog soon with my friend!!!

  157. oh my god he changed it

  158. ok just one question
    this person in youtube has unregisterd hyper cam right?
    ok and she made it so amazing!
    called when i grow up club penguin
    click the last one that it looks kinda um white
    she made it like wow
    nvm you wont understand

  159. My best friend on CP Miguzy deleted me! 😦 😦 If you’re reading this Miguzy, I’M SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

  160. cool you changed it again!

  161. 😦
    bad news bike boy
    i got banned in cp for no reason at all!
    cp is a waste of your time!
    and i made song that cp in everything!
    its not!

  162. nvm that

  163. all of these tips helped me and i will be famous in no time as i wish

  164. How do you make music vids and special effects to your vids?

  165. I am gonna download unregisterd hypercam 2 today and I am so exited

  166. Bike Boy never answers me! How rude!

  167. Does ANYONE go to my site or should I retire?

  168. Bike Boy how do you make music vids?

  169. whats windows movie maker and how do u used it?
    i get something called winamp
    what is that?
    and how do u do effects?
    i know you can do it in unregisterd hyper cam 2 but i dont know how!
    oh and radio13579
    i think that u should retire
    ill check your site if u give me the link
    and bike noy plz answer our questions!
    thats why there is comments here!

  170. How do u get Hypercam sorry forgot to put that on the other one

    Bike Boy93 Said: Go to this link and then you will see either Server 1 or 2. You can either pick one of those and then you will have hypercam!

  171. And,do not do ClubPenguin Trainer it’s a Third prty program it will bann u forever

  172. I got a blog! ! Please go there! Or click my name to go there.

  173. My friend diget 173 is famous he uses my account sometimes.Ive been crowded by penguins too but im not on any websites.How can I get more famous buddys.

    Bike Boy93 Said: If you want to become a really famous penguin and well known penguin on Club Penguin this might be the helpful tip for you. You can’t be rude or mean to penguins. Be as kind as you can to penguins and try to complement them! Such as saying “You are awesome!” When you become famous people will start to know you and crowd you, and also beg to be your buddy. Once this is done you will now have famous buddy’s ask you to be there friend.

  174. good tips!

    Bike Boy93 Said: Thanks!

  175. hey bikeboy93 can u tell me how to make a header like urs and how to put pictures at the columns and more about blogging and send it to dandoonafever at plz do

  176. hey how to make a chat box in my blog

    Bike Boy93 Said:
    You can not have a chat on a WordPress blog, but however if you want to make a chat go to

  177. hey how to add a photo in the columns

  178. Hey,
    Can You Visit My Site And Help Me I Have 2 Site’s And I Tryed Your Tips But, I Cannot Succeed! I Can’t Even Succeed On The First Tip! Because There Is This Girl On Clubpenguin And She Hates Me, I Don’t Know Hy Though. Anyways Here Are My 2 Sites:
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    My Second Site Is:
    That Site Is New So It Doesn’t Have As Much Stuff On It.

  179. Hey! Im just thanking you for the helpful guide. Check out my blog! Its nothing yet… but it will be soon!


    X_x Mr Piggy Man

  180. Im make all steps but im not famous! lol =)
    First Clubpenguin Blog!

  181. Hey Bikeboy, I want to make YouTube Videos. But for that I need Hypercam and it crashes my computer. Can you suggest any other thing which is safer than Hypercam?
    ~ Lander 101 8) ~

    Bike Boy93 Said: It is not normal for Hypercam to crash on your computer. However, another good recorder is Zdsoft. To get Zdsoft simply go to

  182. hey so far my blog is sortof not working but ill keep trying


  184. Bikeboy Please Respond To This Comment…
    When you record on the “Free” Hypercam how do you put music on it? Whenever i record a video it never has sound!? I meant like the “Unregistered Hypercam”. Thanks 😀 .

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    P.S i go to dock on mammoth

  188. When I Make A Movie On Windows Movie Maker…How Do I Put It On Youtube. It Says Its A Raw File Or Somethin’ And It Doesn’t Work…Could You Tell Me How To Do That? Thanks 😉

    Bike Boy93 Said: Haha. I had the same problem when I started out making videos on Windows Movie Maker. Well, to start off on the left side bar on #3. where it says “Finish Movie” click the first option that says “Save to my computer.” Once you have done that you can save the movie with whatever name you want the file to be called and when it’s done it will look like this (your movie name.wmv) and you will be able to upload it! If you have any other problems feel free to ask!

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    how do i take pictures of clubpenguin?

    if my windows computer doesnt have movie maker what i can do?

    plz plz answer! 🙂

  195. bike boy a have a question how do you put those effects on your blog?? plz tell me

  196. Your site is really cool Bike!But i have a question do you no those other things that help you make videos,because i seen people such as mixturey and his has special affects that movie maker doesn’t do you no how to get them?please reply and have a happy day,

    ~DJmixer6 😛 * plz comment your answer in my site cuz itz hard for me to go to different sites alot i keep forgeting *

  197. Whats up ppls hey bike boy i made a blog but how do i make ppl to watch it.

  198. Hey Everyone I got banned forever so im quiting clubpenguin now so i made a new site called

  199. Wait I made another penguin i dont play that much but my name is Qdoggg5454 so i go on tundra the most so i could give you some cheat codes

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  207. Hey ppl i have decided that every famous penguin could have a sled race game so Paintboy, Bikeboy,Limeboy,Mimo, And me we could all have a sled raceing game! please respond yes or No

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  209. Hey Everyone i like your site T E X E S its very good you Rock!

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  216. i have windows vista and dont have windows movie maker
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  218. i tried the forth one…..and i almost got it to work i got to be freinds with a faose penguins freind but then they deleted me 😦

  219. hey You guys i never told you that i was a ninja that hides and sometimes i turn back to normal so try to find me sometimes i turn into a shadow

  220. hey Guys ppl are trying look for me and i hide and i see them because they know im a ninja so you guys can try to find me if you do i give a free ninja suit

  221. i know where to fid all the shadows so i already found you

  222. hey bikeboy93 i think there is two of you because i ignore famous penguins (so i can say ive seen that famous penguin)one is Bikeboy93 and one is Bike boy93 so wich is famous

  223. Good Work Gifjf1 Now Youll have to find the real me i always go on frozen or mammoth Again good work!

  224. Hey Bike boy! i was thinking that its ninja week that im the shadow at the lighthouse because i used a special cheat code so if you see a shadow at the lighthouse its me so you guys can hang out with me and try to find the real me i might even add you waddle on!

  225. Ninja week is almost over so i will not be on clubpenguin for most of the time so the ninjas will be gone until ninja week is back See ya penguins

  226. Guys i made a new penguin that is not a ninja his name is Qdoggg5454 so i might able to ask someone if i could use cool360quinn so see you guys later!

  227. Waz sup nice site bike boy im new on clubpenguin so can someone show me around

  228. Ya hey cool site

  229. Hey bike boy and everyone so theres gonna be a new game at the dojo and if you win you might even become a ninja like me

  230. im new here! i loved this advice. i quit cp so i just wanted to see whats going on. ninjas? wow i love your vids oh and theres a better thing than hyper cam 2 and it was like blue something idk. oh my friend is qr2134. wow she grumpy!i think she meaned it. oh well i love your website. now im on runescape which everyone should try! RUNESCAPE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  231. did you guys know im a friend of Sensei

  232. Im senseis ninja

  233. Hey Waz Up nice site.

  234. hey bikeboy your site is awesome i visit it everyday, i am having trouble understanding the 4th way on becoming famous i don’t really get it, if you can please respond, thanks, Small Fry12

  235. So Penguins Do you guys like the new dojo i like it too

  236. Ive noticed in the HQ theres gonna be a NEW room see if you can find a blank screen if you do that means theres gonna be a new room

  237. Glad you like runescape

  238. ppl the new game is out today at the dojo its called card jitsu its really fun i think you guys should try it out

  239. Hey guys i wanted to let you know that the new card game is going on until sensei and i return to ninja island so you guys earn those belts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  241. Hey Everyone i was watching people on club penguin today and i see people with ninja suits just like me try to make them your buddy and try to make me your buddy

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  243. Good Day To all i was thinking to all my ninjas today like penipenipeni,cool360quinn,socom that we can return to ninja hideout and prepare for next year

  244. Hello good site there bike boy

  245. hey guys did you know if you win sensei you get to go to a secret ninja room and become a ninja mabey you guys can catch me there i go on glacier

  246. hey guys i was planning a party at the cove tommorow ok its gonna at Glacier cove time 6:00 in morning saturday it will be fun

  247. Guys My Party Was a The Coolest Party Ever! you know why i made that party because it was my birthday!

  248. Bikeboy how do you put those effects on your blog can u tell me a want to put some effects on my future blog! thanx 🙂 :p

    Bike Boy93 Said:
    You have to order something off of WordPress called CSS. This costs $15 a year.

  249. Hi Guys when i go to the ninja hideout i see alot of sensei students so if your one of them good work!

  250. Hey Bike! i saw you today you may saw me at the ninja hideout so mabey add me next time

  251. hey, nice site but i have 1 or 2 questions. how can i advertise my site on other cp blogs without ppl getting annoyed? and wat is the best wat to become friends with other famous penguin?

  252. Dear Bike Boy,
    I have a mac, and I was wondering if you knew of any video tools for macs.

    pleaese comment

  254. Hey Guys I Noticed the HQ has a new room and i saw a lot of penguins in there if your one of them good work!

  255. i dont think i will ever get a wedsite im seen on youtube but no won ever knows who i am help…


  256. I Think Bike Boy And I Can Help You Plattnum

  257. Hi guys i see a lot of ninjas i am very proud of you guys i will tell the sensei

  258. where can i find u bikeboy 93

  259. Nice Site Bike i saw cool360quinn and you today but you guys didnt add me but you cant add cool360quinn he gives you a ninja sword

  260. this helped now i am!!!

  261. the name it is wrong its is plattnum

  262. how come when i use an unregistered hypercam the sound or nusic from the computer doesnt come out exept my voice

  263. very good you passed the inspection bike boy93

  264. how did you put photos on your website?

  265. Hey Bike!
    You are really cool,helpful, and nice! I really look forward to meeting you in cp! Keep up with the good work!


  266. hey bikeboy i found a old pic of you with billybob on in 2006 christmas section! look at my blog or click bellow

  267. Hey guys Coins for change is back!

  268. Hithanks for the tips. I have got a blog so im half way there. If you wanna see my blog go on…
    Its not that popluar though lol
    But i am gonna post some morestuff like im going to do right now.
    Well cya and enjoy mu blog!

  269. My penguin is 991 days old. I’ve tried everything. I’ve thrown massive igloo party’s that everyone says is the best igloo they’ve ever seen, but i still can’t get famous. I’m friend with rockbeta, I started a new blog, i don’t know what to do! My penguin is Jase13, btw. Also, i’m afraid my dads going to get mad at me if I download the hyper cam. Does it make your computer slower, and also, Does it show up as an icon on your desk top, like internet explorer or something. Please help!

  270. I think you shouldn’t spam in any way

  271. I’m almost famous but i need to meet more ppl and more famous ppl i can give u some tips on anything just ask as long as it’s on cp and if u want to get a cp trainer go to and search cp trainer 8 or whatever cp trainer u want but u have to pay only if it works some don’t anymore. If u want to know my penguin is snow G always a member and always awesome, a tip on becoming famous on cp act soo funny in real life ppl can’t help themselves they have to laugh be friends with everyone (u can’t b friends with everyone so delete the ones u don’t c often and keep the ones u do and the ones that worship u so much they copy u or just follow. I know everysecret on cp before anyone else,and the fashion.

  272. Yeah i have hypercam but after i record and play the vid back it just shows up black help plz!

  273. Nice Tips Man! I got to tru some out

  274. im becomeing famous member lol :)>:)

  275. Hey Bikeboy! I Forgot To Say Thanks To My Comment All The Way Up There!

  276. yo bikeboy, try to meet me on cp please on server snowday, u name the time

  277. hey Bike Boy! I am like A TOTAL FAN! I have a few questions!

    1. I downloaded the hypercam thingy but i am not wanting to put it on youtube just onto my website! Can U do that??

    2. Could ya be my buddy on clubpenguin?? (that was very random)

    3. How do u use the hiper cam!!! Plz answer my questions! I will do anything!!!
    Ur best best best best best best ‘

    My website is!!

  278. Would making programs for Club Penguin be a good idea too? Microchip is also sort of famous.

  279. Oh yeah, I saw you on Club Penguin a few weeks ago.

  280. Hey Bikeboy93,
    I have a site and I am trying to get on people’s blogrolls see the site I have doesn’t provide blogroll but I was wondering if you could put me on there?
    Thanks. -Che

  281. Bike boy PLEASE REPLY!!!!

    I want to download hypercam so i did, then the terms of agreement came up and it said “You have purchased etc.” So did I actually buy it?

  282. bike boy i made a vid on movie maker thing and i want to upload it onto my site… can u do that instead of youtube??? plz write back !

  283. oh ya puttin it on ur site is easy

  284. can u add me on cp?

  285. Nice posts Bike! PLz visit my site at

  286. How can u be famous like Aunt Artic or Gary or Rockhopper.

  287. HOW DO U U PUT IT ON UR SITE!!! IF ANYONE KNOWS E-MAIL ME AT plz e-mail! I will help anyone who needs help if i know it!!!

  288. Your site is really cool! Hey I have a site too. I really love club penguin and I have a club penguin page too.Your tips are great and they are really great ways to be famous.Sign my guest map! Do you think my penguin can be famous even if I have been banned? p.s. YOU ROCK!

  289. hey how do i put my penguin icon here so i can show you im kind of famous.

  290. How do I sign in to your website?

  291. i love tis website!!!!!! it helped me get famous view jello20 and SHE IS EXTREMLY RARE!!!!!!!!!!!BY THE WAY IM MAKING A WEBSITE!

  292. Hey Guys Long time no see i was helping a lot of ninjas for the past 2 months so im back!

  293. lol. it’s dosen’t work out for me!
    that’s about become a farmous. But waddle on!

  294. Hey Bike Boy! I do want to make a blog about club penguin cheats,I know A LOT of cheats like how to talk on the newspaper and secret hiding spots in club penguin and lot more! But I sort of need help on the new blog,Does in cost money? How do you put pictures from club penguin into the blog? How do you put a rockhopper tracker in the blog? PS. you rock Bike Boy!

  295. Hey bikeboy! What is a cheat for money that isnt a hack or that you cant get bann from.

  296. Windows Movie Maker constantly crashes, and it’s not a very good video tool. You would want something like Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere that you can get by torrenting, though I don’t reccomend it *cough*

    I’ve only made 4 videos, all custom made but I’m still not famous. My youtube account is POGOPUNK32, am I doing something wrong with my videos?

  297. Hey Guys! I Was on clubpenguin and i heard about the puffle party and i had no puffles where can i get one?

  298. Pet Shop is where you get puffles. Located in the Plaza. The building on the far left!

  299. clubpenquin is such a fun website

  300. it is a great website

  301. it is great

  302. i love this site

  303. how to get all these widgets? i cant get them on my blog.plz write back and help me.btw awesome site.

  304. Thanks Bike this really is helping me, alot of people are crowding me now!

  305. Awsome!! I have 2 questions how do you make vids? I downloaded hypercam2 and signed up for dailymotion(a site like you tube) just how do you upload it? My second question is can you work on my site?

  306. srry i forgot to go on but ill be on right now on outback
    where any where find me..
    bye bye


  308. if u buy one do u have to pay every time u use it

  309. hey bikeboy99 umm well i cant make a blog or i dont know anyone famous (besides rockhopper) what do i do

  310. wow this kinda works really well and i love it i wannt to marrie itttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i got famous!!!!!!!!! awsomeee!!!!!!!!!!!! i love my self im famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awsommeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have videos on youtube!!!!!!!!!!!!! @froginator!. you gotta watch ittttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will see it so i can prove it!!!!!!! soooooo watch my videos its cool and awsome soooooooo i can prove it XD! lol!!! gotta watch it its famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love club penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 CP CP CP CP CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gotta to!!!!!!!!!!!!! looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love itttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is wayyyyy to longgg!! thats nhow much i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yea lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im number 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  311. this is ninja e1 and im famouse now thanks to ure how to get famouse
    options. i got alot of help! i picked option 2!

  312. I want to be famuse so bad like rockhopper on clubpenguin what do I do

  313. Your cheat cite worked! Lots of people from another website were buddying me like crazy.

  314. Hola! Theres a new catologue in the ninja hideout!

  315. Im just starting to become famous!! I have a blog and now im having a party for my penguin!!

    Sam156e’s Party!!!!!!

    Why: My penguin is a year old.

    Where: My igloo ( on map )

    Time: 5 o’ clock (Uk time) 10 o’ clock (PST)

    Date: Monday 6th of April

    Server: Icepond

    Hope to see you there!!!!!!!

    Note:There will be penguins you don’t know!
    Plz come to it!!

  316. um, u deleted my comment…um why?

  317. do you need to do all that options?
    please answer me bikeboy i have never been posted

  318. cisit my wordress @

  319. im Bluez i really want to become famous i will mostly b on frozen o and i am a girl! not a boy! lol alot of penguins say im a boy im not

  320. bluez again i really like ur site

  321. bike boy i saw u on frozen o and u dnt need fame, just fun dont u agree??? o and is a blog safe to do?? i really want to start 1 but my parents want me to be safe

  322. I am kind of famous because I keep starting armys, and now most every one in ACP The Nachos and some other ones know me

  323. hi can you please post my name on your site and spread it around??? plzzz i want to become famous badly if you ever do then my penguin’s name is Plondnet thanks!

  324. i got 10 buddies in 1 minit only by saying your awsome or you rock

  325. you know Vader2006 i meet him today

  326. hey bikeboy93 i just gota say im not allowed to make vids and idk really how to make a blog really i no i sound stupid but what site can u go on to make one like yours? i wana be famous and evrything but without making vids and things like that just having a blog also my other question is how do you get pics of the newspaper and the clothing catalog to put on ur blog when i get one??? plz answer back really i dont leave lots of comments but i really am a big fan of ur blog n evrything good work! Tbtw my penguin name is 1cecilia123 and yes im a member)

  327. ive ggot another question how do you make it so it says how many people are looking at ur site at the moment what do u click for it to show?(on

  328. Hmmmm making vids might work 4 me but the problem is i can’t find hypercam2 cameras+i know A LOT of cheats so for blogs might work but my mother wouldnt lastan hour of me on the computer,anyway you cheats and teachings are pretty good,i like ppl that got talent like heatblast227 has talent and good vids and funny,hope this wont get stessfull.

  329. please answer my question im sry if im getin anoyin lol

    ~1cecilia123~ p.s. i made a blog! its not good as urs thou 😦 anyways it never goin to be cuz ur is AWESOME!
    anyways bye bye! 🙂 <3333

  330. i want to be famous like u tell me how

  331. Ive started a blog today but im totally stumped…no one gonna read it 😥

  332. Don’t be negative shyguy74! Anyways, I don’t have Windows Movie Maker. I mean I went to start, there wasn’t an all programs file. Help! Like, it it for Macs or something? I have a PC and I cant find WMM/it.

  333. lol i always play games with my fans its awesome i like play find four like 10 times with one person

  334. This site is pretty cool. Plz can u tell me how to make a blog good! PLZ I’M BEGGING U!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  335. I AM SO READY! i am gonna do option 4..

  336. oh and remmeber everyone starts somewhere

  337. i spelt famous rong

  338. Bikeboy meet me on clubpenguin tomorow at 5:30 you’re awsome! I want to become your friend, my penguins name will be agentcrusher. And I still can’t become famous!!! I do all the rules but it just doesn’t work! Plz help me! you can contact me at or my first website plz get back to me! I’ve trying to become famous on cp for almost 500 days!


  340. ❗ 😐 ❓

  341. I want to be famous so bad. Benato 1 is on right now, and I see the crowds he gets. How do I make a blog? Please help me! 😦

  342. Oh, by the way. Can you meet me on the following?
    Server: Sleet
    Time: 4:00 Pacific Time
    Day: May 16, 2009
    Where: Ice Berg
    My Penguin’s Name: Rassbert
    What My Penguin Will Be Wearing: A green wig, CP suit, Keytar, Pink Bunny Slippers, Ninja Mask

    PLEASE add me, PLEASE!

  343. cool thanks

    p.s. if you have the paid hyper cam how much does it cost???

  344. im alredy famos hahaha im medator

  345. Hey, Bikeboy, can you tell me why your site looks new with all the comments lessened? And most importantly why didn’t you show your hits? And can you tell me what happened to your old blog?
    ~ Lander 101 8) ~

  346. @billybob you cant be beacuse billybob can spell moderator he dosnt spell it like medator.

  347. how do you make a blog??

  348. hi i want be famous

  349. ummmm i wanted to no if this is a good blog so can u check it 4 me please and any one else who wants to check it can so please check it out


  350. hi Bike its me, windowface, i a having a party

    When: today
    Time: 10:00 real time
    where:my igloo on map
    why: nothing.
    Theme:cool looks

  351. Email me how you became famous and got more views. Because I know there is one big secret to becoming famous. Talk to me at

  352. how do you beat sensei at card jitsue or however you spell it????

  353. PLZ REPLY

  354. I have some advice: if you are making a music vid don’t stress over it take your time making it, i made one it took me about 4 hours cauz it was my first one and yea its REALLY hard at first but then you get the hang of it i had to delete my vid thou cause it didnt upload onto youtube properly but im not gonna give up im gonna try and make another even if it takes me up to 6 hours i use hypercam (unregistered) and windows movie maker

    PS: can someone PLZ tell me how to not record the mouse cursor!!!!!! (i use magnifier for close-ups)

  355. bike boy i made a blog on glitches but i dont think it got on to google or yahoo,can u just tell me for a sec how to add it to google?

  356. if u dont answer ill comment like 10 more times.

  357. how do u tell when u add ur blog to google or not?

  358. ok i got a couple more questions how do u put those cp pictures on ur blog AND how do u add ur blog to google and yahoo?

    Bike Boy93 Said: Follow these directions below:

    1. While on your dashboard you will see a bar on the top of of your screen that will say “New Post”.

    2. Click “New Post”.

    3. When you get directed to the “New Post” page you shall see a text box to write stuff in. A little above the text box you will see Upload/Insert with pictures.

    4. Click the first image to the right of Upload/Insert.

    5. Click on “Select Files”.

    6. Then chose the picture and press open.

    Now, with your question about Google and Yahoo. There is no way to put it on either of those sites yourself. Google and Yahoo must do it themselves.

  359. oh well ill check on my blog its called 11raleigh’s glitches if u cant find it it isnt added to google but ill go check on it in case theres comments

  360. oh and thanks

  361. i guess i might of confused u.with the google and stuff i typed down my blog but google couldn’t find it. and i havent got any i just need to be able to make my so u can find it on the internet.

  362. so bike boy the way i made my blog was i wrote all my stuff on this thing called “press it” when i was done i pressed publish. was that the right thing to do?

  363. i know i am probably bothering u like qr but i have to ask.i got a background for my blog and i typed everything from press it.
    my computer is an apple emac so its very different from windows biggest problem is my blog is not found in safari anywhere.
    anyway u rock at this i can see u in GWA

  364. anyway when u get to be famous can it be a little stress full bout people begging to be ur buddy partys?
    and if u can answer my last comment the would be great.

  365. Oh!i got a good idea for u.u can make a video on youtube of how to mae a blog on word to make a full blog like this one but if it takes to long u can do part 1 part 2 part 3 and so fourth.that would a great help not just for me,but with other ppl who want to become famous!


  366. Hello! i had some plans with sensei to come out and meet the penguins! if you met him good work!!

  367. Its also a good idea to look the same so when you meet a penguin, next time you see them they’ll be like “I know you!”

  368. im sad sensei left

  369. i didnt get to meet sensei

  370. hey um bike boy i am like so not famous and i am like kind of like pour so can u log on right now please

  371. on frozen

  372. my name is baypacker

  373. Hey bike,
    I was just wondering if you knew any good sites to get unbanned?
    I was just sitting in the night club and this orange box came up and said;
    Please, please, please help me!!!
    I didn’t do anything!

    Bike Boy93 Said: Unfortunately my old penguin “Sabresrock94” that I started in 2006 got banned forever twice. The first time it got banned forever I called CP and they let it slide and gave me another chance. If this is your first time I suggest calling up Club Penguin. Their phone # is 1-250-868-8622. Good Luck!

  374. I am really steamed at clubpenguin and its faulty system that checks if your being sensible!
    It sooooooooooo needs fixing!



  375. hey bike when do u get on club penguin and what time do we have to be at the dock

  376. heyyy how do u edit ur blog on wordpress

    Bike Boy93 Said: Edit what? There’s so many things to edit, whether it’s pages, widgets, posts, etc!

  377. hey please can you tell me how to download a rockhopper tracker

    Bike Boy93 Said: A good site I can direct you to, to put trackers on your site is

  378. Hey bikeboy93

    my blog is not complete
    help me how to make my own tracker
    pls pls i want to make a tracker from my own

  379. um bike its me again 11raleigh um im done my blog but i dont know how to put on the internet do i edit everything?or wat cuz i looked up my blog and it wasnt found. u gotta help dude.



  381. hi bike boy 93 i made vids and got o views i advertise alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and my vids i got o views help me

  382. wat i did was sing a whole bunch of popular songs by like green day and paramore for a couple hours like 3 times a day for 2 days. the 2 day, some1 said: “hey look! itts the person that sings awesome songs!

    cool cheats and glitches and plenty more

  384. dude i have been working really hard and nothing is working
    Making hyper cam vids
    i made a website:
    I tried to advertise
    and making friends
    what am i doin wrong?!?!?

  385. hi this is cool stuff and people i have about 6 websites so try find em ok people
    see ya i live on abominable or bunny hill
    ok see ya

  386. whats your penguins name then

  387. I Have A Mac computer…
    Can I Still Get The HyperCam?

    Bike Boy93 Said: Yep. I believe HyperCam works on all systems.

  388. cheak out my site bike

  389. hey, bikeboy93 im having trouble becoming famous, all of my videos suck!, 😦 and im also having trouble of puting my camtasia studio recorder, vides onto sony vegas pro 9!, it wont let me put the video on it. and helpful tips would, help thinks! 🙂

  390. nur123cbbc

  391. bike boy im having trouble making my blog idk how you can put a picture of your penguin on your site! plz help me i want to be famous real bad!

  392. I need help recording when i use hypercam and i press play it shows black . I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO . PLEASE ANSWER ME PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS IM A GIRL

  393. hey bike boy thanks so much for giving me the idea to make a blog it is so much fun, if you want, sometime you could check it out, once again THANKS you rock

  394. hey could we meet on club penguin sometime, if possible let me know, i will be checking your web for an answer, if you are too busy i would totally understand.

  395. Is Version One of hyper cam Free?

  396. hey bike how do make special efects like you do and have you kissed a girl

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