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Hey guys! This is the official Club Penguin Contest page of I have created a contest page for contests that will be happening on this site! You will be able to sign up for daily basis email alerts about the contests! I hope you enjoy this page 😀

Sign Up For Bike Boy93’s Contest Alerts:


If you would like to know sneak peeks and when contests are coming this is where it would help to sign up! Get a bunch of news on upcoming contests I will be holding on my site! In my opinion signing up for this will give you better tips on how to win my contests!


Also, I have made a support email which is so if you decided to sign up all you have to do is comment down below with your email! Do not worry I will delete your email on this page as soon as I see it! You will be receiving all the news and everything you need to know about my contests!

Gifts For Winning Bike Boy93’s Contests:

Here is some of the contests I will be having on this site! Some of them will be coming soon and some will be coming in the future! This is sort of like a sneak peek because I am showing you what will be going on, on this site!

  1. 1 month Membership Giveaway
  2. Header Giveaway
  3. I Spy Contest
  4. Igloo Contest
  5. Penguin Giveaway

For right now this is all I can do! I will probably add more soon! If you guys have any questions regarding about the contest feel free to contact the support line, where we will respond as soon as possible!

Current Contest: There is no contest currently going on.

~Bike Boy93~


106 Responses

  1. Awesome 😉


  2. Awesome!


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  4. awesome:D

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  6. […] I have just made my contest page! It is pretty cool If you guys want to sign up go to and comment your […]

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  10. what is the next contest coming up?

  11. (Email Removed)

  12. Cool! Will one of the contests be a video one? Because i dont have a camera.

  13. Hi i want to sign up!

  14. (Email Removed)

  15. hey im having a contest on my site!
    go to

  16. thanks for approving that i can do the contests

  17. im having a cool contest on my site please visit and check it out my site is:
    please visit;)

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  20. Can we use photobucket too?

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  23. (Email Removed.)

  24. uh kewl

  25. i hope another contest comes soon

  26. im going to make a contest page on my site

  27. hey bike i met ur beta
    bikeboy93 (without the space)
    its cool check out my site

  28. (Email Removed.)

  29. cool i want the igloo contest

  30. dude u r awsome but on the igloo contesthow do u past a pic. of my house also i really really really want to become famouse and i dont have a web page because i pretty much stink at that stuff plz email me and do u want to be friends with me
    i look at ur site as much as i can because it is so good well mail me soon.

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  32. Hey! Why didn’t you count my email!!!

  33. and edit it!!!

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  35. AWESOME 🙂

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  38. (Email Removed)

  39. DUUUUDE YOUR SITE ROOOOOOOOOCKSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  40. rock on!

  41. where do you live?
    whats your email?
    do you live in miami?
    wanna be friends on cp?

  42. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. 😀 Sweet

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  50. Cool Page!
    First Clubpenguin Blog!

  51. Way xool!!

  52. Way cool sorry!!

  53. Hello people!

  54. (Email Removed)

  55. Awsome

    ~I Rok Dude

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  60. hi

  61. is it a commenting contest

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  63. Your Site Rocks Bike! YOUR AWESOME!

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  65. my email is in the comment box

  66. When will the next contest be? Reply on my site.
    ~ Lander 101 8) ~

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  68. hey check my site out and give me some advice and i want to be in your club and maybe you can join mine too and nice blog=)

  69. hey i wanna be in your club email me so you can tell me about your ideas

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  72. […] Remember if you want to find out about details on how to win my contests, and find out about my contests ahead of time, SIGN UP HERE BY CLICKING. […]

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  76. Hey ya i so hope i will win! i am a girl and i hav been wanting to make a site!So i am planning on having one!

  77. WIN

  78. I HOPE I WIN!

  79. I HOPE I WIN

  80. I H O P E I W I N !


  82. im happy for whoever wins i just want the fun contest.

  83. Awesome! When one’s on I’ll enter.


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  85. (Email Removed)

  86. (Email Removed)

  87. Sweet! Sign me up! (Email Removed)
    ♣ ♣ ♣ Tato ♣ ♣ ♣

  88. If the prize is membership or any fun games, plz plz plz sign me up.

  89. (Email Removed)

    plz sign me up!

  90. p
    please s
    please si
    please sig
    please sign
    please sign m
    please sign me
    please sign me u
    please sign me up

    My penguin name is “Quackerpie1”

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  94. Awesomeley cool!!!!!! is my blog, but i know I’m behind a lot of stuff. So… ya. Cool blog though!!!!!

  95. Sorry I meant to say

    Hey I made the 100th comment woo-hoo!

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