Club Penguin Rockhopper Arrives & Halloween Igloo Decorating Contest!

Hey everyone! Today Rockhopper has arrived back on Club Penguin, there is a new Halloween decorating igloo contest, a few furniture catalog cheats, and also Rockhopper has brought along his new rare items catalog! Check it out!

Today Rockhopper is back on Club Penguin. Check the Beach and go onto his ship (The Migrator.)

Rockhopper has brought back some of his Rare Items including the return of the Eye Patch:

Rockhopper Head Quarters has a new message to get what to do from now till October 27. Rockhopper will leaving Club Penguin October 27:

If you guys want to be able to access Rockhopper’s Head Quarters, you will need the key which is on the last page of the book “The journal of Captain Rockhopper” in the Book Room.

Club Penguin Igloo Furniture Catalog Cheats:

1. Click the 2 yellow books on the Student Desk to get the Chalkboard:

2. Click the bottom of the pizza oven twice to get the Stainless Steel Refrigerator:

3. Click onto the Guitar Stand to get the Music Stand:

Club Penguin Halloween Igloo Decorating Contest:

If you want to win this Halloween Igloo Decorating Contest here is how to do it:

  • Buy the Jack O’ Latern Pumpkin Igloo. (Don’t need to.)
  • Decorate your igloo a lot with the new spooky stuff in the furniture catalog.
  • Be creative with spookyness!
  • Try to put out as many pumpkins as possible!

Also, Rockhopper is out and about exploring the wonderful land of Club Penguin! CLICK HERE, to find where he is at and how to find him!

In other news…

Also, Club Penguin will be celebrating there 3rd year anniversary in Times Square, New York! For more information log onto

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


14 Responses

  1. dude the hats will be orange blue and red isnt that cool

  2. awesome, rockhopper is back

  3. thats cool!
    but i have the eyepatch. lol darn

  4. cool rockhopper back can u comment on my site

  5. i AM PISSED OFF SO MUCH. They are ruining the rarity of the stuff i have. Why cant they bring back the same stuff in new colors. Now the propellor hat (red), yellow duck< eyepatch and others are not rare. They better not bring back old pins

  6. once a pin is out, it doesn’t come back. So you don’t have to worry.

  7. dude how do u add a playlist to chat?
    can u tell me when to meet u on chat so u can tell me?

  8. Nice Post! 😀

    Comment back by clicking the name! 😉

    P.S: Comment on the page marked “270 Funny Pictures.”


  9. your site rox my sox i worship it can you please come to my site it’s your awesome! ill come here everyday!

  10. hey bike nice post! u might remeber me from
    and I can be easily spotted in ur 100,000 hits party vid. also im in a video by doggiking on youtube called famous penguins. he clicks on penguins at ur party and i am right after u. Anyways, i was wondering if i could becoe ur buddy on cp cause i am sort of famous and i have some famous buddies.

  11. hey
    whats up u were on i tried to tell u to add me but u didnt hear i have a wordpress to its
    how do u change ur url?

    Bike Boy93 Said:
    To change a URL on WordPress is very simple. To start off go to Upgrades using the tab on top when you are logged into WordPress. Once you clicked Upgrades you will see “Upgrades, Gifts, and Domains in a white box up at the top. Select the Domains button and choose a link you want to use and buy it.

  12. hi I am In tahe club penguin

  13. I really liked your article. Thank you very much… 😀

  14. Thank you! Excellent post!

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