Hey guys, Bike here. I got very sad news to tell all of you…I am leaving this site, for now… However, don’t start to freak out yet until I tell you what is going to happen next.

Here’s what happened, first off I get hosted with Akonhomie. As many of you might know, he quit Club Penguin last month which left me with one more month of hosting my site. Today unfortunately, was the last day my site was hosted. Since Akonhomie is never online anymore, I can not access the files to my regular site. Therefore, I will never be able to have my site back to normal until he gives me the files, which will most likely not happen..However, I will most likely make a new blog about Club Penguin, and once I do, I will make sure to tell all of you guys on here and my twitter! Also, I am not going to be leaving you guys social wise! You can still communicate with me on my twitter by clicking here, and also chat with me everyday on !

I have also made another blog if any of you like following hockey or the nhl. Check it out by clicking here!

I hope I can still talk with all of you guys on my twitter. Also, I will be logging onto Club Penguin often to so it’s not really quitting 🙂

– Bike Boy93, The Captain of


5 Responses

  1. Can i take over this site?

  2. I found someobdy who can host you! Tooly228 can do the job!

    (~Double Mvp~)

  3. Hey Bike! I can host you! For totally $0! Aim me : SnowbossiCP

  4. Also, Tooly228 can host you Bike! Contact him on his Twitter account, @Tooly228.

    (~Double Mvp~)

  5. I Can Host You,And i can get your files back.

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