Bike Boy93 is Still Here!

Hey everyone! Boy, am I glad to post again. You guys are probably like, “What is going on with Bike’s site?” Well, first off I get hosted with Akonhomie. As many of you might know, he quit Club Penguin last month which left me with one more month of hosting my site. Today unfortunately, was the last day my site was hosted. For right now, I am searching for people to host me and numerous people said they could! That means that my regular site will most likely be back very soon!

As for right now, this is my old back up site which isn’t as nearly good as my regular web page. For now, all you guys are gonna just have to wait it out just like me. I know it stinks, but I promise you guys that my site will be back to normal again. If not, then I guess it’s a good bye, but HEY! let’s not talk about that yet! I am not the kind of person that gives up and quits. Anyways, for now just explore this site!

– Bike Boy93, The Captain of


3 Responses

  1. Ill Do It Bike! You Might Remember Me From Your Chat Box 1 Year Ago. I Also Have A WordPress So I Know What To Do Already! Have Fun On The Search!

  2. bike pick me i will host you plz i will do any you need plz send me an e-mail at

  3. lol we see ur real name it is Matt wow EXPOSED

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