Club Penguin NEWEST Color! Behind the Scenes!

WOAH! Guy’s guess what I’ve found out! Swiminn6 gave me some info of  an upcoming penguin color coming to Club Penguin! Okay, so if you were on my site earlier today you must have already seen Club Penguin You Decide A Costume for the Stage. Well, take a look at this photo:


Notice the color on each of the 3 penguins? The color is gray! Now, I’m pretty sure this color will make an arrival to Club Penguin soon so keep checking back here for updates! Thanks to Swiminn6 for the info! Visit his website at

– Bike Boy93, The Captain of


5 Responses

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we can almost look like senei!!!! xD

  2. Whoa! Thanks for the credit man! Also, nice post xD


  3. Hey Bike! Aren’t you and Swimmin best friends? 😆
    Are you creative, funny, silly, or just plain awesome? Show off your talent at by making an awesome caption for a picture provided! If yours is good enough, you’ll be featured on the site, along with your site’s URL if you have one! Have fun!

    (~Double Mvp~)

  4. dude siriously be my friend on cp!

  5. my name on cp is Jazabelle2

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