Mysterious Club Penguin Volcano!

Hey everyone! Since there’s really nothing to post about today about Club Penguin I wanted to focus in on the mysterious volcano that can be seen from the Dojo Courtyard.


What exactly is the volcano going to mean for us? People have been thinking it’s a new room and I also agree, but take a look of this one I highlighted. It’s going to be sorta weird if the volcano ends up being a room because look how steep it is. We would either be walking almost straight up or down:


So what do you think? Will the volcano end up being a room or just something that will be in the background of the newest room, The Tallest Mountain. Comment me your thoughts! I would love to hear!

– Bike Boy93, The Captain of


2 Responses

  1. I think we will walk through the magma chamber after the magma has receeded.

  2. There is a moutain to the right side of the volcano that looks like there is a path that heads to the volcano!

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