IMPORTANT Club Penguin Spoilers – New Ninja Catalog Item and New Room Sneak Peek


Thanks to Chrisdog93 at

Ok, I’ve got some super exclusive and super important info to share with you guys. This info is top secret and hasn’t been released anywhere yet. Sensei is waddling around and I happened to check the Ninja Catalog at the right time.

I was on an English Server and they had a non English catalog with an item that has not been released yet. I tried to buy the item but it said “Undefined” when I tried to purchase it.


Ok, so you’re probably thinking what language is that, and what does it mean? Well it’s actually in French. Here’s what it means

“Admire this amulet. Symbol of power and experience, it is the key to mastering the elements. Open the secret doors hidden in this piece and pursue your journey. Dojo awaits the next.

– Sensei”

Now why is this gold amulette so important? It’s an item you can wear around your neck on Club Penguin. But wait, that’s not even the half of it. The amulette will unlock the newest Club Penguin room which will be Tallest Mountain.

Now how do I know this? Sensei said so. Here’s a picture:


Ok, so I know this is a lot of info to take in at once. I’m just saying the Tallest Mountain will be the new Club Penguin room and the Amulette will unlock the door to the Tallest Mountain. Since you have to be a member to purchase an item from the Ninja Catalog, only members who are ninjas will be able to purchase the item. I’m not sure when this all will be happening, but it might be this Friday.

I want to give a huge thanks to both Ray Toolbear and Sara April for the tips!


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