Club Penguin Sensei Tracker – How to Find Sensei on Club Penguin!


This is a Club Penguin Sensei tracker that is very accurate on locating the Sensei’s location. Click here to refresh the Sensei tracker!

Sensei On

Current Server: Yeti  (click to refresh)

Current Room: Ninja Hideout  (click to refresh)

Club Penguin Sensei Tracker Powered by:

If this tracker is not giving the correct location, try finding Sensei with a group of friends on this chat below! It will be a lot easier with all these people!

Tips on finding Sensei:

1. Sensei loves to log on Club Penguin during the peak hours of the day on the crowded servers.

2. Sensei will only appear at the server for 15 minutes. Once 15 minutes is up, he will switch servers.

3. Sensei is most commonly seen at populated servers such as Blizzard, Frozen, Sleet, and Mammoth. Check these servers first.

4. Sensei’s favorite room is the Ninja Hideout or any room such as the Dojo Courtyard or the Dojo so make sure you check there!

5. Sensei is will most likely be a moderator when the Club Penguin office is open. However, when they are closed Sensei is always a bot.

6. If you see a server that is normally not full and is, go to it. Most likely Sensei will be there.

7. Come follow Bike Boy93cp for secret Sensei locations. Click here to follow Bike Boy93 for the locations.

Good luck!

– Bike Boy93, The Captain of


6 Responses

  1. sup dude

  2. idk that sensei was here!

  3. wow thnx i didnt meet sensiecoz the room was full bu great tips

  4. Sad, isn’t it. But what can you expect in this situation?

  5. awesome info, i almost saw him but he left! boo! =(

  6. i will be at the ninja hideout at sever yeti right now real time

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