Club Penguin Sensei Scavenger Hunt!


Hey everyone! Today on Club Penguin a new scavenger hunt has came out for the Sensei! There will be a new ninja journey coming soon and Sensei will need our help finding the fiery items. Here’s a picture of the sky on Club Penguin:


Click the fire symbol on the upper right hand corner of your screen to see what items you will need to find during this Scavenger Hunt:


1. The first item to find is a fire located at the Ski Lodge:


2. The second item to find is a candle located in the Book Room:


3. The third item is a black puffle located at the Pet Shop in the cage:


4. The fourth item is a light located inside the Mine Shack:


5. The fifth item is hot sauce located inside the Pizza Parlor:


6. The sixth item is a stick located at the Cove:


7. The seventh item is a jetpack located at the Beacon:


8. The eighth item is at the Dojo Courtyard. Click the light on the left:


When you are all done collecting all 8 items you will be able to claim the Fire Pin as a reward!


Wow! I was so surprised when I logged on Club Penguin today! I didn’t suspect Club Penguin would ever have this big of an update on Monday. Weird.

– Bike Boy93, The Captain of


11 Responses

  1. Can I use your pics on in a post Plz RESOND FAST

  2. Also AWESOME POST!!

  3. Also Put the Link to your site and the your pengs name in the post too

  4. No problem! You are free to use any information on this website as long as you give credit by typing in your post “Made by Bike Boy93 at” Thanks!

    -Bike Boy93

  5. Hey Bike! ur so awsome! i work for heatblast227 and i was wondering if we could work together!
    Ur Cheats inspire me alot. ok check out my blog and make a comment or something!

  6. how cool is this!!!!!

  7. super………………

  8. […] There has been a lot of mysterious things going around Club Penguin this week with the Ninja Construction going on. Keep your eyes open for more clues about exciting things to come. And speaking of clues, the scavenger hunt’s been extended until Sept. 28, so there’s a bit more time to help Sensei! Find the cheats to beat Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt by clicking here! […]

  9. lol this is so cool

  10. […] Doesn’t it make you wonder what Sensei’s doing with all that stuff? Don’t forget that Sept. 27 is the final day of the scavenger hunt! If you still haven’t beaten it yet and you want to, we have the cheats by clicking here! […]

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