Club Penguin Fall Fair 2009 Cheats


Hey everyone! Today on Club Penguin, the amazing Fall Fair has begun! It is filled with tons of cheats. Down below are all the cheats you will need to know for this party.

You will need to play games to earn prizes, so follow these steps:


Down below is a list of all the games and what room they’re in:

1. Feed – A – Puffle: Cove

2. Puffle Shuffle: Forest

3. Puffle Paddle: Snow Forts

4. Puffle Soaker: Game Room at Snow Forts

5. Balloon Pop: Game Room at Snow Forts

6. Ring The Bell: Dock

7. Memory Card Game: Beach

While playing the games you will earn certain amount of tickets depending on how well you do. If you want to see how many tickets you have, look at the orange ticket icon on the top right of your screen:


Here is the picture of the prize booth at the Forest for non-members and members to purchase prizes:


Here’s a list of the items and how much tickets they cost:

Feathered Tiara – 100 Tickets

Cosmic Star Hat – 100 Tickets

Fair Beacon Background – 50 Tickets

Cotton Candy Pin – 50 Tickets

There’s also a members only prize booth located at the Circus. To get there go to the Forest. Here’s what the member’s prize booth looks like at the Forest:


Here’s a list of the items and how much tickets they cost:

Tent Igloo – 700 Tickets

Fair Background – 50 Tickets

Ring Master Hat – 110 Tickets

Ring Master Suit – 300 Tickets

Teddy Bear – 200 Tickets

Go into the Great Puffle Circus by going to the Forest, and pick one puffle color to do magic tricks!


Also, checkout the game room for members and non-members to play games located at the Snow Forts!


Remember that you lose all your tickets if you don’t spend them before you sign out, so make sure you spend all of them!

– Bike Boy93, The Captain of


2 Responses

  1. I’ve met you before! I bet when you tried to get a name you planned on tricking people with it. Well now I know why you are famous even though you are not a beta.

  2. Hey Bike could you post a list of all the game locations? That would be cool! Thanks!

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