Club Penguin Ninja Puffle Clues & More Fall Fair/September Clothing Catalog Item Spoliers!


Hey everyone!

Black Ninja Puffles
Today, thanks to Chrisdog93, I found out some more information about the Black Ninja Puffles! Now this has been an on-going rumour that there will be some sort of “Ninja” puffle in the near future. Here is a image taken by me of something in the Club Penguin Times.
september 4

Now I have also got another image where it looks like a Ninja is looking out for a “Ninja” puffle or something!

Fall Fair/September Clothing Catalog Item Spoilers!
Hey everyone, throughout the days in the newspaper and log-in screens there has been a lot of items we have not seen before in any catalog and relate to whats coming up! Click here to go to the post where it show’s two possible items coming up.

Look below for a list of new items I have found on the newspaper this week. Remember these items could possibly be in the prize booth during the Fall Fair or in the September clothing catalog!


Pink Top Hat
pink top hat

Red & Black Top Hat
redf top

Circus Costume
circus costume

Red Paddle
red paddle

Cool huh? I am almost 100% sure we will see these items tomorrow! Comment your thoughts!!!



2 Responses

  1. I don’t think the paddle will be an item, since the penguin is about to play the game Puffle Paddle.

  2. The mustache will be coming soon, and the paddle I don’t think we will get. That’s just from the game. You were right about everything else!

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