Club Penguin Light House Construction


Go check out the Light House! There is some boxes Club Penguin has dropped off for storage for the upcoming Fall Fair of Club Penguin!

(Click to large the picture)


Also, checkout Club Penguin’s new login screen for Club Penguin’s upcoming Fall Fair:


Wow! That’s tons of boxes! Later this week we probably shall see more construction set up for the Fall Fair!

– Bike Boy93, The Captain of


4 Responses

  1. Awesome post.
    Its just like last year!
    But its still COOL!

  2. i remember last years fall fair i got every single prize for non member cus i wsnt a member then its my favrouit party it rocks hope i get all the prizes this time

  3. hi ive had a blog for a long time ive added lots of things and still nobody has came to it can you help me? PLEASE

  4. I think i found some new items!Look in the box in the Lighthouse bike(Red shirt )

    Look at the Purple/Black hat on the Login screen

    and it says

    Members visit the great PUFFLE CIRCUS!

    If you use this please give me credit

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