Club Penguin Times Issue #202


Hey everyone! Today on Club Penguin a new newspaper has released. It talks about the upcoming Fair party and also the Migrator spotted in the telescope!


Wow! It’s already going to be fall in a couple days? I can’t believe it! Fall means the Club Penguin  Fair! This party coming September 4-13 will be like no fair ever out of the 3 that Club Penguin has already had.  Get ready to play games, earn tickets and much, much more.


Go out on Club Penguin to the Beacon now and you can sight Rockhopper’s ship “The Migrator”! According to one penguin, he says he is about one week away! That means he will be here for Club Penguin’s Fair! Rockhopper has never stayed to celebrate The Fair before. Also, a puffle trainer says Rockhopper left some instructions last time he was here, and he shall have an awesome thing planned for this upcoming party!

Club Penguin Upcoming Events:

(Click to enlarge the picture)


I can’t wait for the upcoming Fair on Club Penguin! This party is totally going to rock! Comment your thoughts.

– Bike Boy93, The Captain of


9 Responses

  1. Great post Bike Boy93! Keep it up 😉


  2. Awesome post bike!
    I hope you dont mind if I use your Pictures!
    Ill give all credit to you!
    Thanks man!

  3. Bike boy awsome post i made that post on my site two but is you blog made by wordpress?

  4. Bike, why did u delete me from ur friends list???? WHY???? I nearly got a heart attack and nearly fainted. 😦 I VISIT UR SITE LOTS OF TIMES!!!!!

  5. hay cool post! have you found the new pin?
    write back!

  6. hay bikeboy!!i found a cool glich on cp!you hold the “D” key on the keyboard while playing an instrument and you can hear the sound in the light house!you can play an instrument without moving!

  7. great post! I cant wait till the party! anf Finally rockhopper is coming back

  8. Hi cool posts keep it up and plz can u visit my blog its ok

    Keep ur blog going its awsome

    thx for reading ;D

  9. you delete me man. add me back at frozen today at 6:00pm.bye

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