Club Penguin Buddy List Glitch

Hey everyone! This glitch has been out for awhile now on Club Penguin, but I figured I post it out on the site just in case you haven’t learned about it yet. I will be teaching you how to have buddies on your buddy list be named “undefined”:


Here’s how to get an undefined buddy on your Club Penguin Buddy List:

1. Log onto any server on Club Penguin.

2. Make sure you have 5 open spaces on your buddy list. In that case (95 buddies)

3. Ask 5 random penguins to be your friend.

4. Accept the all 5 penguins requests.

5. Open up your buddy list.

If it all worked out you should have a few penguins on your buddy list saying “undefined”.  The only problem is, when you log out the penguin’s name will go back to normal the next time you log into Club Penguin.

– Bike Boy93, The Captain of


4 Responses

  1. Hey Dude Nice Cheat But I think You Removed Me from Your Friends List

  2. dude thx for addingme nice roCK

  3. thx that happend to me

  4. bike boy meet me on march 9th at 6.30

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