Club Penguin Gary Tracker

Hey everyone! I have made a tracker for you guys to find Gary while you are playing Club Penguin. This tracker is one of the best out on the web for finding Gary on Club Penguin!

Gary’s Location on Club Penguin:


The Club Penguin Gary Tracking Team on has taken a quick break. We will be back shortly!

Current Server: On break (click here to refresh)

Current Room: On break (click here to refresh)

This tracker guarantees you will meet Gary! Down below are some pictures of Gary on Club Penguin:

This is what Gary looks like while on Club Penguin:


He does give out a present for all penguins! To get it, simply click on the box icon on the bottom left of his player card. The present is a background from him:


To view the Club Penguin Festival of Flight Cheats, CLICK HERE now!

– Bike Boy93, The Captain of


4 Responses

  1. i met gary check out my site

  2. Hey Bikeboy93 nice website i saw you last night doing that pic and you got crowded lol

  3. hey bikeboy wht happened 2 ur site????

  4. this is a long break! >:-(

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