Club Penguin Festival of Flight Cheats

Hey everyone! Today the Festival of Flight has started on Club Penguin! There’s a bunch of cheats and stuff you will need to know for this party. Down below are all the cheats for the Festival of Flight:

Club Penguin Festival of Flight Cheats:

The Green Propeller Hat is a free item and is located at the Plaza:

Picture 2

Go to the Forest to take the Balloon Ride up to the Tallest Mountain:

Picture 10

While you are on the Balloon Ride the ride will last 2 minutes until you reach the Tallest Mountain. Down below is what it looks like on the Balloon Ride. (Click to enlarge.)

Picture 3

There is a free item for members only at the Tallest Mountain. The free item is the Jet Pack:

Picture 7

Go to the Ski Mountain and you can make your own Club Penguin cloud! To make your own cloud click on the red button on the Cloud Maker 3000:

Picture 15

Congratulations! You now know all the cheats for the Club Penguin Festival of Flight Party 2009!

– Bike Boy93, The Captain of


5 Responses

  1. Sorry that was my friend! I do say the party is a rip off though!

  2. […] view the Club Penguin Festival of Flight Cheats, CLICK HERE […]

  3. How do you fly with the propeller hat!

    Bike Boy93 Said: Take off any other items you have on. To fly, you must only have the propeller hat on. Once it is on, press the “D” key on your keyboard. Good luck!

  4. i found a code on the clock at the snow forts on the bottom of it, and i think its in secret agent code thingy and im not a secret agent so i cant read it

  5. the party is ok………….
    I do wish I was a member tho.

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