Club Penguin Festival of Flight Cheats

Hey everyone! Today the Festival of Flight has started on Club Penguin! There’s a bunch of cheats and stuff you will need to know for this party. Down below are all the cheats for the Festival of Flight:

Club Penguin Festival of Flight Cheats:

The Green Propeller Hat is a free item and is located at the Plaza:

Picture 2

Go to the Forest to take the Balloon Ride up to the Tallest Mountain:

Picture 10

While you are on the Balloon Ride the ride will last 2 minutes until you reach the Tallest Mountain. Down below is what it looks like on the Balloon Ride. (Click to enlarge.)

Picture 3

There is a free item for members only at the Tallest Mountain. The free item is the Jet Pack:

Picture 7

Go to the Ski Mountain and you can make your own Club Penguin cloud! To make your own cloud click on the red button on the Cloud Maker 3000:

Picture 15

Congratulations! You now know all the cheats for the Club Penguin Festival of Flight Party 2009!

– Bike Boy93, The Captain of


8 Responses

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  2. I met Gary!!

  3. Where is Gary. The tracker doesn’t tell what server hes on!


  5. I love your site but the gary tracker is always down please fix it so i could meet gary make my dream come true!!!

  6. hey bikeboy I love your cheats and glitches they all work and it’s pretty amazing how it works I cant wait till your next party

    P.S. I was one of the ppl at the party!!!

  7. the gary trcker isnt working cause it wont tell me whta server he is on

  8. i met gary!

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