Club Penguin Times Issue #200

Hey everyone! Today on Club Penguin, the 200th issue of Club Penguin newspapers has came out! It talks about the upcoming Club Penguin party, Festival of Flight and also the new Underwater Adventure Play!

Picture 2

Come fly with the island of Club Penguin August 14-18! This party will be nothing you’ve ever experienced ever on Club Penguin! Get ready to grab your own ballon or jet pack and fly high to the sky with Club Penguin! You might even get to meet the inventor! Everything comes down August 18.

Picture 4

Club Penguin has reached 200 issues of newspapers today! It’s a huge achievement to them. The first newspaper hit Club Penguin October 24th, 2005. When it first came out it was in black in white. What a huge improvement Club Penguin has made on newspapers since then.

Picture 5

Get ready to be in a stage underwater! From August 21-September 10, Club Penguin will have the Underwater Adventure Play at the Stage.

Club Penguin Upcoming Events:

(Click to enlarge.)

Picture 6

– Bike Boy93, The Captain of


3 Responses

  1. i remember when the 150th newpaper came out out and there was a gold newspaper pin

  2. Yeah i remembe when the 150th newpaper came out 2.

  3. nice backround

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