Club Penguin You Decide!

On the Club Penguin What’s New Blog today they posted another “You Decide!” contest for us to vote for 1 out of 3 furniture items, to appear in the September issue of Better Igloos!

The choices are:

dinosaur_statue green_beanbag_chair globe_on_pedestal
Dinosaur Statue                        Green Beanbag Chair                   Globe on Pedestal

To vote on Club Penguin’s blog CLICK HERE! Or simply you can vote and tell me which one you are going to chose by voting on the poll below.

Don’t forget that you’ll see the Splatter shirt you chose last month in Friday’s new Penguin Style catalog!

– Bike Boy93, The Captain of

bikes party


One Response

  1. Hey bike! How do i get pics from CP’s blog to my blog? I can’t just copy/paste!?!?! Why not? Plz help. For this post, i am using your pic but i will give credit to you and
    let me know ASAP plz!

    ~Double Mvp~

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