Bike Boy93’s 400,000 Hits Party

Hey everyone! Over the past week or so, I’ve had a poll up on my site asking if I should have a 400,000 Hits Party. 522 people voted that I should so I’m going to have one!

First off, here’s the invatation:


If you can not read the text on my picture here’s what it says:

WHEN: Thursday, August 6th, 2009

SERVER: Tundra

ROOM: Dock

TIME: 8 AM Penguin Standard Time

WHY: You guys helped me reach 400,000 Hits!

Now, what we are going to do at the party is going to be a blast! First, we will start off at the Dock and wait for people to show up. Then after that, we will head on out to different rooms! During the party we will: have a snow ball fight, sled race, play find four, party in my igloo, and much more!

Now that’s not all! The first 25 people to show up at my party first and asks me to be my buddy, I will accept your request! So make sure you get there early!

Wouldn’t that be awesome if all of the 522 people that voted for me to have a party came? I hope they will all come! By the way, comment this post and tell me if you’re going to come and why!

– Bike Boy93, The Captain of


16 Responses

  1. yeah im coming

  2. I think i can make it! 😀

  3. I Am Going Try To Make The Party Congrates Of 400,000 Hits

  4. Ill try and make it!


  5. Ima come! 🙂 7PM for me. Great time!

  6. cant come swimming lessons

  7. YAY the day of the party i will be 1001 days old and tommorow im going to be 1000 days old

  8. im coming if i can and i hope you wont remove me from your buddie list


  10. I’ll come. Hopefully I don’t steel your crowd. If they come to me its not my fault XD

    I’ll try to make it!
    Your parties are the best! 😉
    ~Darkbane 77~

  12. Hey dude long time no see! i am going to try to comr to the party tommorow but my internet is very slow and cluboenguin barley loads on it…. i can barley even get logged in. anyways…. i was wondering if you can do a vid with me i need you to record it though what about in three days? im going to have the new color on .. i hope its aqua! so anyways! Waddle on! -windowface

  13. I can’t wait for the party i’m going to sleep early so I can be possitive ill be there!!!!!!

  14. I’ll try to make it. Also, if you want, I could help you migrate to It is better in the long run. E.g. more hits, more customization, don’t have to buy CSS, etc.

  15. could u make it later?
    8 AM is too early!!!!!

    Bike Boy93 Said: It will probably last till 10 am your time. Plus you can go anytime because I will have a tracker on my site that will tell you where we are.

  16. […] over my site this week you’ve probably been under a rock! Tomorrow is my 400,000 hits party! CLICK HERE, for details! Now, I need sleep so I don’t miss […]

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