New Igloo Music!

Hey everyone!

Club Penguin has released some new igloo music today! Its pretty awesome! Here are the new tunes!

  • Keytar Jam
  • Rocksteady
  • All-Access Pass
  • Rocking Pizza

new music list

Cool huh?! My favorite out of the new ones is, “Keytar Jam!” Whats yours? Comment!



8 Responses

  1. I like All=Access pass except it’s sort of quiet.

  2. i like them all

  3. did anyone besides me notice the new Theatre Igloo that just came out on Cp!?

  4. yes its old

  5. NOOOOO IN 1 MONTH AND 1 WEEK IM STARTING MIDDLE SCHOOL ITS GONNA BE SO SCARY!!!! ANYWAY GO LIONS ( i think thats wht my school mascot is lol )

  6. Hey Bike Boy! Nice post! 😀


  7. were is the coin code?

  8. my favorite is rock steady

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