Club Penguin Times Issue #197

Hey everyone!
The new newspaper came out today and it’s pretty cool. Here are some things too look out for in this weeks edition.

Music Jam Ends July 26th
The Music Jam only has a few days left! It will be leaving the 26th. The Penguin Band and DJ Cadence so far have enjoyed the crowds! Sales on Music accessories have also sky rocketed.
times 1

Vote For A New Penguin Color
Lavender, Aqua, or Maroon?! Thats the big question for tomorrow! July 24th, head to the Forest to vote for the new color! I’m voting for Maroon! Once all votes are in, the color will be released in the August 7th clothing catalog!
new color

Penguin Tales!
You can know write your own story and if it wins among others it will be published to the Book Room! So get writing! Here are the details.
peng tales

penguin tales details

Upcoming Events
Click the image to make it bigger
upcoming events

Comment what you think! I can’t wait for the new penguin color! What about you?


2 Responses

  1. i like maroon and aqua not lavender its too girly im gonna enter the writing contest

  2. VOTE FOR AQUA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT AND I WILL ADD U ON CP……. oh and these people were giving out free rare items. i got the yellow,green,and black capes and i got the red and blue leis.

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