Club Penguin Music Jam Cheats- How to get VIP Pass

Hey everyone! You want to get the VIP Pass to enter the Backstage? First you must be a member. Down below are the cheats on how to get the VIP Pass!

1. Log on into Club Penguin.
2. Open your Club Penguin Map.
3. Go into the Snow Forts.
4. Click on the stand that says “SHIRTS ROCK”.
5. Click on “Buy” where it says “ALL ACCESS PASS”.


Congratulations! You now have the All Access Pass!

– Bike Boy93, The Captain of


5 Responses

  1. Once you get back stage and you look at the Music catalog click on the letter o to purchase a black electric guitar.

  2. thanx this really helped

  3. can you show us the backstage?

  4. i wish ppl could cheat their way into backstage + roof without the VIP or membership………. that would be a really cool cheat.

  5. […] Get VIP Pass 2. Go into the Dock. 3. Click to go into the […]

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