Club Penguin Igloo Furniture Catalog Cheats

Hey everyone! Today on Club Penguin there is a new Igloo Catalog! Down below are all the cheats you will need to know for this catalog!

Club Penguin Igloo Catalog Cheats:

1. On page 2 of the catalog click on the two records for the Wall Speakers:


2. On page 4 of the catalog click on the Stone Column Ruins for the Guitar Stand:


3. On page 5 of the catalog click on the flame burning on the Bamboo Torch for the LCD Television:


4. On page 8 of the catalog click on the Medieval Banner for the Penguin Knight Sculpture:


5. On the first page of Clearance click on the corn on the right in the Garden for the Picket Fence:


6. On the second page of Clearance, click on the bottom bush on the Poodle Plant for the Wheelbarrow:


Bike Boy93, The Captain of


3 Responses

  1. you cant get the headphones orany of the new stufff

  2. also meet me today tundra 10:00 pst at dock

  3. On the back of the costume book at the stage you slide the back note down and got a Noir Background

    and to get the ruby pin you click 1.Door with the eye on it
    2.You open the dubble door
    3.Click the top draw in jacues office the bin
    click on the guest book
    click the flowers
    click the picture
    Click the safe yo have the ruby pin

    Click on the grammerthone

    Go to the boiler room get a pin

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