Club Penguin Backstage Cheats

Hey everyone! This year’s Music Jam is made awesome!! Down below are all the cheats you need to know for the Backstage Catalog!

1. Get VIP Pass
2. Go into the Dock.
3. Click to go into the Backstage!


Club Penguin Backstage Cheats:

Walk over to the box on the left of your screen that says “Instruments 4 Sale” with instruments in it.

1. Click the “I” in “Music” for the Snare Drum and Drum Sticks:


2. Click the “o” in Catalog for the Black Electric Guitar:


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– Bike Boy93, The Captain of


3 Responses

  1. Goto the LOUNGE (upstairs from the night club) then there is a door to go on the roof top (access pass needed). Then you can get a free boom box.

  2. non members cheats???????????????
    to the backstage

  3. hey but if u r not a member dont u have any glitches for get ing the pass

    Bike Boy93 Said: there is none

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