Questions to ask Bike Boy93!

Hey everyone! Here’s some questions some of my fans asked to me and I’m going to be answering them! Should I do this every week? Maybe!

Question #1: When did you start Club Penguin, and are you a beta?

Haha, funny you ask that. Probably 95% on Club Penguin think I’m a beta but I’m not guys! I actually started Club Penguin in 2006 with a penguin named Sabresrock94 so I hate how people call me fake, newb, etc.. Well, he got banned forever around May 2007 so that’s when I made Bike Boy93!

Question #2: Do you play any sports Bike?

Of course! When I’m not online or not on Club Penguin 99.9% of the time I’ll either be at the ice rink playing hockey or in my drive way practicing for hockey! I also play a little golf 😛

Question #3: What kind of computer do you have?

I have a Windows XP that I usually use A LOT. However, at my moms house I have a Mac Mini that’s amazing.

Question #4: Have you ever broken a bone Bike?

Wow. I have a lot of breaks in my life. My thumb finger, the radius and ulna in my arm, my toe, and I got 5 stiches on my lip from a high stick in hockey, but that doesn’t stop me from playing!

Question #5: What’s your favorite food Bike?

Well, I usually always have bagel bites or personal pan pizzas for snacks at my house, so I would have to say pizza and I also enjoy tacos.

Comment this post and tell me what you think about my answers! Also, ask some questions yourself in the comment box and I’ll get back to you!

– Bike Boy93, The Captain of


10 Responses

  1. bike boy can I work here.I can post super earlyy but give full credit to you.Please it would be a honour.Contact me back at

    Bike Boy93 Said: Sorry, but I do not need any workers at this time.

  2. Okay bikeboy, so let me get this straight….. your a hacker? i have seen you with a beta hat on Bikeboy 93! LOL Seriously, wht’s up with that?

    ~Double Mvp~

    Bike Boy93 Said: I’m not bikeboy93… I’m Bike Boy93! bikeboy93 is the beta. I have a space, and the other one doesn’t.

  3. sabrocks64 got banned forever how?

    Bike Boy93 Said:
    Some kid hacked me! 😦

  4. oh, seriously, there are 2 “bikeboy’s”… 1 with a space, 1 without! That’s something not many ppl know!

  5. Random question: Do you like slush puppy stuff or frozen lemonade??

    Ahaha, random question. You can answer me here if you wish.


    Bike Boy93 Said: Both are delicious! I preferably would pick both. For the slush puppy I would have blue berry and for the frozen lemonade I would have the pink kind!

  6. Very nice! Exotic taste!


  7. why would a kid want to hack your account why do they even like hacking ppl im might report them to the mod or the police do think i should??

  8. Bike Boy i was wondering what is the color u will be voting for and what color is your favorite out of the rainbow?

  9. Bike boy let me just say this site is aswome!!!i was wondering if u were a club penguin member or had a penguin cause i had o buddy named “Bike boy93” once.I would of kept u but i did not no it was u!!!Anyway email me back at

    bi bi

  10. hey dude 4 gettin da boom box do ya need 2 b a member????
    coz i can c no box of boombox……

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