Happy77 talks music décor

Hey everyone! With the Club Penguin Music Jam 09 starting this Friday there’s a lot to talk about right now! Happy77 wanted to talk to someone on the team who worked on the decorations.


Q: I know there are a lot of different music stages for this party. Which one was the most fun to work on?
A: All the stages were great to work on, but if I had to pick a favorite I’d say the big stage at the dock. It changes themes throughout the party.

Q: How did you come up with all the different decorations?
A: The focus was kept on two things, music stages and things that make noise. So there are different stages, but also some cool noise-making surprises!

Q: I heard rumors about a chocolate fountain in one of the backstage areas. Is that true?
A: Wait! There’s a chocolate fountain Backstage!?!? Golly, look at the time, I better. . . umm. . . get back to work. . . at the Backstage. . .

Do you think this year’s Club Penguin Music Jam will be the best one ever so far? Comment this post and tell us!

– Bike Boy93, The Captain of bikeboy93.org


5 Responses

  1. Oh, and bikeboy…. how do you have all of that rare stuff on Bikeboy 93 when oyu made him in May of 2008!?!

    ~Double Mvp~

    Bike Boy93 Said:
    I made him in 2007! Sorry mistake on my post! 😀

  2. Wow my penguin has been banned for 24 hours before but its was a hacker so did your first penguin get banned forever by a hacker too??

    ~Kingercp owner~Kinger38070~

  3. But my penguin is not banned forever but why was your penguin banned forever??

  4. It was banned by a hacker.

    -Bike Boy93

  5. hey i never got banned i think i started around three years ago i think cuz i begged my mom to make me member during the lime green party at the dojo!!Bike Boy how old is ur penguin????? Mine is 980 days old today! On august 5th i will be 1000 days old!!!!!!!! I remeber the worst party. It was when we had to pick it and everyone picked the western one. It was HORRIBLE!!!!! By the way nice post!!!!!!

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