Club Penguin Music Jam Update

The Club Penguin Music Jam 09 is right around the corner! Are you ready? You can get ready by purchasing instruments and rehearsing with your friends!


Club Penguin has more! Starting July 23 – August 5 the team of Club Penguin is going to be looking for new submissions for the Penguin Tales writing contest!

In other news… If you haven’t noticed yet, I have changed colors around my site and also check out the new page buttons on the top of the page above my header. Comment this post whether you like it or not by clicking HERE!

– Bike Boy93, The Captain of


6 Responses

  1. Hello! i would like to congratulate you for making CPMaster’s Top 15 Most Famous Penguins of All Time and 5 Honorable mentions list! LOL! Great job Bikeboy! Come check it out at my site!

    ~Double Mvp~

  2. why did you remove me from your buddie list?

    Bike Boy93 Said: I’m sorry, meet me on Tundra, at the the Dock at 12 PM Penguin Standard Time and I’ll add you again 🙂

  3. hey great post as always i cant wait till the music jam and till tommorow cuz HARRY POTTER ANDTHE HALF BLOOD PRINCE COMES OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE to see it cuz i read the book 3 times!!!!!!! great post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nice blog. It is completely filled with stuff. Check out the games section and the cars section of this blog because they are pretty cool…

    Also check out the two contests on the home page…

  5. hey
    i really want to be ur buddy

  6. bike boy what meet me tundra at dock 12 pst when the music jam starts (friday) possable?

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