Club Penguin Ruby and the Ruby Stage Returns!

Hey everyone! Club Penguin’s stage Ruby and the Ruby has returned to Club Penguin! All the items that were in the last Ruby and the Ruby catalog are in this one again with no new ones, but two cheats!

To open up the catalog follow these directions below:

  1. Open up the Club Penguin map.
  2. Go into the Plaza.
  3. Enter the Stage.
  4. Click on the Costume Trunk booklet on the bottom right of your screen.

Here’s what the catalog looks like:


Ruby and the Ruby Costume Trunk Cheats:

1. On page 5 of the catalog click the door handle for the Dark Detective’s Coat:


    2. On the back page of the Costume Trunk slide down the box where it says “How do I get coins?” by holding left click to get the towers background:


    Also, check out numerous rooms around Club Penguin for construction for the Club Penguin Music Jam 09! Here’s my penguin on a stage at the Dock:


    Do you guys like how Club Penguin is bringing all these stages back? Comment this post by clicking HERE!

    -Bike Boy93, The Captain of


    10 Responses

    1. Great post Bike Boy93! Waddle on!


    2. AWESOME POST!!!!!!!! I SAW YOU ON CP WHEN YOU TOOK THE PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Bike Boy93 Said: Really?!? Awesome dude!!

    3. Awesome Post Bike,
      You missed one thing though. Go to the back of the Catalog and move the “How to get Coins” banner. There is a hidden background behind it.

      Please give me credit

      Bike Boy93 Said:
      Actually Filpper’s I was in bed on my Itouch on Adam’s site and I discovered that cheat before I saw this comment from you. Thanks for telling me though! 🙂

    4. yup great post bikeboy93 i cant wait till the music jam it was awsome last year! i have a question how old is ur penguin? mine is almost 1000 days old im having a party for lilygirl55 on august 5 on polar bear so come plz

    5. hi bikeboy, im woffbuffet. I saw you on cp but you dont speak, you went away from me and im a bit upset. I hope i ddi not do anything wrong 😦 Please comment back on my site:

      ~ 8) Woff 8) ~

      You and your site ROCKS

    6. hey Bike it’s Zapper903 x] yaa i knew you had hockey becuz you’ve said it on twitter thats how i knew xP and the stage thing at the dock the stairs on the right will have a door going back-stage you can only get in with a VIP pass(like the one last year)

    7. YES! I can’t wait intill the play! 🙂

    8. awesome XD

    9. Biggest bash of the summer on cp

    10. Hi dude look I have pic of one of the famous penguins on cp when I leave a comment!!

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