Club Penguin Times #195

Hey everyone! Today there’s a new newspaper on Club Penguin! It talks about the Music Jam 09 coming up and also the past Sense’s appearance on Club Penguin!


The Music Jam 09 will be rolling into Club Penguin with all types of music July 17-26! Get your bands together and start practicing at igloos or the Ligthouse stage and get ready for a blasting party!


Is Club Penguin over thinking? I think so! Many penguins that I know hardly got to see Sensei because they were either not ninja’s or that the Ninja Hideout was full! I think Club Penguin should do something about full rooms because a lot of people didn’t get to see Sensei so I say the visit failed.

Upcoming Events:

(Click to enlarge.)


Did you guys get to see Sensei? Comment this post and tell me!

– Bike Boy93, The Captain of


2 Responses

  1. i think ur right about the visit! non of my friends met him

  2. yea. your right. Many people didnt get to visit him for several reasons.

    1. The room was full
    2. They didnt know he was visiting
    3. They werent a ninja

    I wasnt a ninja and i didnt know he was visiting. I think this was the most unsuccessful visit ever. This was not right. Thank you for saying something about this. BOO for this visit.

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