New VB Video!

Hey everyone! The last I made a music video for VB was last September, a long time ago! Anyways, I’m back making music vids and here’s my newest one!

CLICK HERE, to comment and rate the video!

We want you guys to help us rise to the top! You can help us by subscribing our Youtube channels and also telling friends and family about our channels! To visit our channels and subscribe click both of the links below!

Bike Boy93’s Youtube Channel

Swiminn6’s Youtube Channel

Hope you guys subscribe! Enjoy my video!

– Bike Boy93, The Captain of


3 Responses

  1. Awesome Video Bikeboy93! Also Thanks For Adding Me On Cp 😉 I Love Your SITE! Keep Up The Awesome Work And Im Gonna Subscribe!

  2. RADICAL VID. i am still a HUGE fan. i have not been commenting since….. January! i think. so im gonna try to chekc out the site more. -windowface

  3. Awesome Vid!!!!!

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