Rockhopper Tracker

Hey everyone! My goal is for you guys to find Rockhopper once so I’ve made a tracker for him!


Rockhopper was last seen at server: Mammoth

Rockhopper was last seen at room: Migrator

This tracker will be updated as much as possible so you guys can find him! If he’s not in the location the tracker says he is try some helpful tips below!

  • If you see a server that is normally empty, but it is full that may be a sign he is on that server. Or if you see penguins shouting “ROCKHOPPER?!?” that probably means he is on the server you are on.
  • If a room is full that may be a sign that Rockhopper is in it. If people are shouting “ROCKHOPPER!!” that will probably mean he is definitely in there.
  • Rockhopper likes many servers. He doesn’t stay at the same server for a long period of time. He usually jumps to other servers once often. Rockhopper likes the lower population servers better, and also likes the visit the popular servers like Frozen and Mammoth.

Hope that helps!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


5 Responses

  1. Everyone can benefit from this info. Thanks for posting this. Will subscribe to your site. Brett

  2. Cool website, like what I have read. Will definitely be back to read again. Harshad

  3. Hey this is good stuff. So glad you posted this. I enjoy reading blogs like this. Drake

  4. […] If you need helping tracking Rockhopper, CLICK HERE! […]


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