Club Penguin Sled Racing Update & New Pin

Hey everyone! Today there is a new pin on Club Penguin and also a Sled Racing update and new dance tracks!

The new pin which is a Tree, is found at the Dojo Courtyard:


Toboggan Racers:

The purchase a Toboggan go to the Ski Hill and walk to the Toboggan standing up, or either click the green slip on the bottom right corner. The Toboggan costs 300 coins and is for members only:


To use it during a Sled Race simply go to your “Hand Items” in your inventory and wear it when you want to race.

New Music For Igloos:

Also, when you are playing on any Sled Slope there is music in the game!

There’s also new music for members igloos! The new music on the music list is the ones in BOLD.


Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


7 Responses

  1. Hi Bikeboy, I have a question to ask you, I have the same theme as your website, but I noticed something, when I comment on your site the comments are on the bottom of the post, and on mine they are on the side, so I was wondering if you know how to change that could you please tell me, thank you!

    ~Small Fry12~

  2. nice blog dude add me on cp u delete me its ok im brayan97349

  3. Heyy, I saw you at the Dock, you added me. Please don’t delete me though.

    But, can you turn up at my 500 days party in 2 days please, as a Special Guest?

    Comment Back on my site ( )
    The details are:

    When: 27th April 09.
    Why: 500 days of cp.
    Server: Sleet, if full Rainbow
    Where: Dock, Coffee Shop to Cove.
    Time: 11:20 pm (CPST)



  4. Anyway, its am not pm. I always do that wrong.


  5. Im a bikeboy fan! lol. Please please please comment on my site bikeboy!



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    Join at

  7. Hey dude! cool site and Nice post! Click here for my Club Penguin cheats 😀

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