Club Penguin Times Issue #184

Hey everyone! Today the newspaper is back out with a new edition on Club Penguin! This issue talks about the Medieval Party coming up, and also Penguins getting paid!


Were you around Club Penguin for last years Medieval Party? Well, now you have your chance to be in one if you didn’t take place in last year’s! Get ready to wear your Medieval clothing because the Medieval Party will arrive on Club Penguin May 8th-17th!


On May 1st get ready for an extra add on in your penguins pay check! That’s right if you are a Tour Guide or a Secret Agent you will be earning 250 coins from Club Penguin! Now, that’s not the best part…If you are both you will be earning 500 coins a month to your penguins account! If you want to be a Secret Agent or Tour Guide,  CLICK HERE! on how to be one! Please note your penguin must be 30 days old or older.

Upcoming Events:


Well, I’ve decided I will be staying…However, don’t be surprised if I post late, but I will be posting On-Time when school is over!!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


2 Responses

  1. dude are you quiting or not?

    Bike Boy93 Said: Nope.

  2. yay! ur awesome im so glad you arent quitting! also i have a question im not signed in on wordpress at the moment right now but how do you get pictures on your blog im trying to figure that out i just dont know how my user on clubpenguin is 1cecilia123 and thats mmy user for wordpress anyways your awesome and so cool! 🙂 well dont think about quitting eveer again please! im a big fan k bye bye
    – 1cecilia123

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