Possibly Quitting

Hey everyone, Bike Boy93 here. I have not been posting myself the past month or so if you haven’t realized. I’ve been using other peoples posts.

I just do not have the passion for posting anymore and I usually now go on Club Penguin about 2 times a month… I know.. Anyways, I created a poll whether I should stay on this blog posting about stuff I like.

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


12 Responses

  1. quiting like mike 93 phhh

  2. I Think You Should Do WHATEVER You Want To! 😉

    ~Yoshe777-Happy Easter!!!

  3. dude you cant stop posting! im your friend on cp im windowface.

  4. bike plz dont quit ur my most favorite site and awsome friend!
    i really want you to stay please. its ok if you use some other guys pictures i do that some times because im not so good at makin pics plz stay ur the first cp cheats site ive ever been to plz plz plz stay your my most favorite famous guy and ur so great well please dont quit! ill try to help you on anything i can help you on please dont quit well your really great! you shouldnt quit for wat you worked hard for too u have alot of hits uve worked for and i think you shouldnt quit well i hope you stay ur the best! ~Darkbane77~ (it doesnt show my site because im logged on wordpress)

  5. wait it let it put my site there my bad i logged off. well i hope you dont quit Bike Boy and please dont stop posting ur my favorite see yah later and your doing a great job with ur site you shouldnt quit plz please dont quit well im on chat alot and once my chat was featured on xat! my friend dclyde18 made a video of it. and thias is my chat: xat.com/darkbane77 if you want to listen to music on my chat go here: http://darkbane77.weebly.com/chat.html well please dont quit and i hope we can talk again on chat! ~you rock Bike! ~Darkbane 77~

  6. hey bike i got a idea! you should maybe do cp and the other topic you like well cya sorry about i commented alot cya ~Darkbane 77~

  7. bike boy thr is a better game! CHOBOTS!it is verry good!
    my chobot name is flabbergasted

  8. It’s me 100thninja, your buddy on CP
    Please don’t stop quitting, you’re really awesome! I voted no, you shouldn’t quit. Most of the people here said you shouldn’t quit

  9. bikeboy93 PLZ PLZ dont quit!!! u r not only my favorite penguin…. but your the one who gave me all those cheats and thats what got my accounts started!!!! But, I understand if you quit because Clubpenguin is kind of kiddy for me. (I’m 9)

  10. i thought i saw you bikeboy but it was fake one. Oh well. Please dont quit!


  11. Dont leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you do will you be on cp more often? you are like rarely on! im your friend on cp and that makes me upset! what has gotten boring on cp? if you tell me, i can help you make it better! my name is windowface on cp and i really want to be famous the tips you gave helped but, i am too young to have a blog or make a youtube video. so if you have any more helpful hints please post them on! it would really help me because i really want to become famous! waddle on! -windowface P.S i am not saying its crazy to quit i like totally understand! im getting a little bored with cp to.

  12. I am 9 years old and i still play Club penguin

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