Club Penguin April Fools Party 09 Cheats

Hey everyone! I have some sad news… The April Fools Party didn’t come. APRIL FOOLS! Today the April Fools Party has started on Club Penguin! Down below is all the cheats!

There is a free item which is a Blue Propeller Cap located at the Mine:


Go to the Snow Forts and there will be a Box Store. Only members can go  in the Box Store.  At the Box Store they sell boxes for your igloo!


Here is what it looks like inside the Box Store. (Click to enlarge.)


While you are in the Box Store I recommend to buy the Portal Box for 200 coins. (ONLY MEMBERS..) The reason I recommend you to buy this is because you can go to a world called the Box Dimension!


If you have bought the Portal Box simply go to your igloo and then to your furniture inventory. Once you are in your furniture inventory find the Portal Box and place it somewhere in your igloo:


If you walk into the Portal Box you will be sent to a room called the Box Dimension! Members and non members can enter this room. If you want to go to the Box Dimension room any of my buddies are glad to go to my igloo and go there.


How do you like this years April Fools Party? I think it’s awesome!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


3 Responses

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  2. cool site!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. How do I get the box dimension im non member

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