Bike Boy93’s 300,000 Hits Party Review

Hey everyone! Well, this party wasn’t the greatest…but it’s mostly my fault for being 20 mins late. Anyways, I got a picture from the party down below.

Here we are at the Ice Burg having lots of fun!!


Well as you can see not a lot of people are there at all 😦 However, next party I will inform you guys about a week ahead instead of 2 days before the party. I will also make it a later time so I don’t sleep through it like I did this time.


Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


12 Responses

  1. hey ibke that waz a great party! could you goin my 1,000 hit sparty comming soon? well thanks for the great party! ~Darkbane77

  2. Hey Bike Boy93 cool site but can you check out my site please thanks bye,

    – Pjtaz97 you like how i made this comment Bold don’t you. Cool huh!

  3. hey bike i was ur buddy but after the party you deleted me

  4. do you want me to show you well Ok go on “Dash Board” then if you see my comment and scroll over it there will be things like “Delete Or Edit” click on Edit and you will see this and this but these are together Ok thanks bye,

    – Pjtaz97

  5. O! Nevermind I give up these comments wont show up bye,

    – Pjtaz97

  6. Hey bike im gonna soon have my 1,000 hits party! every one is invited and i was wishing if you could come to my hits party and i cant wait till! i hope i will get lots of people! thanks so much! ~Darkbane77~
    And heres the website: and anyone plz visit ur all invited to my 1,000 hits party! my website is well cya

  7. and soon ill try to post my party cya later! u rock bike!

  8. Sweet post!

    Your site is very very good! I will be visiting this site whenever I can.

    If you don’t mind please comment back on my site!

    Just click on my name. Thanks 🙂


  9. thx bike! 😀 it was a few days ago maybe if not a week but you get the point lol thx anywho!:D awesome party btw

  10. can you meet me at snowy river sever at the dock at 02:18 penguin time my name is barrcade 999 on club penguin

  11. on 9th april

  12. i love club penguin my friend joshua intoduced me to it . his penguin name is red fun2 and my penguin name is Inaomi 1.I joned last year in september. I learnt losts about club penguin. my favourit game is ice fishing. bey!

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