April Fools Party Sneak Peak

Hey everyone! Down below is a sneak peek of what Billybob gave us for the April Fools Party 09!

 With March passing by fast, it’s almost April which means the April Fools Party on Club Penguin! The party this year will start April 1st, with a lot of fun stuff and surprises! Here’s a picture sneak peek:


What seems to be the picture above looks like a port hole where you can teleport to another room, or world? Let me know what you think!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


4 Responses

  1. cool thankz bikeboy93!Anyway,i wanted to ask you something…..
    I’ve wanted to be famous for a while now but my site wont get many hits could you help please

  2. Bikeboy, DJ Ninja here! I just saw Aunt Arctic backstage on CP! I was just taking a break from mixing music because of the DJ set getting damaged by a fire, and I was chatting with my fans backstage, and Aunt Arctic came! Man, her crowd was so huge that 1/3 of my fans crowded her! It was chaos


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  4. […] April Fools Party Sneak Peak […]

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