Club Penguin St. Patrick’s Day 09 Cheats

Hey everyone! The St. Patrick’s Day Party has officially started on Club Penguin! Down below are all the cheats you need too know!

There is a free item which is the Shamrock Hat:


There is a pin which is a Lucky Pin located in the Pot of Gold on the Ski Hill:


There is a Leprechaun room for members only. To access this room, go to the Forest and you will see it to your right. There’s one free item for members in this room which is an Accordion:


For those of you that want to see the Leprechaun room and are not members I have a photo for you! Click the picture down below to see the room:


Do you guys like this party so far or do you like the one last year better? Comment and tell me!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


4 Responses

  1. Awesome post!!


  2. Hey bikeboy93,
    some time please could u post cheats for me? And could u be an author of my website? well ill i hope u can meet me on my chat soon seeyah! u rock!!

  3. hey! nice post! Please comment back by clicking my name! thanks!
    id really appreciate it! lol have a great week!
    thanks again ,


  4. Cool post! Everyone visit my site!

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