Club Penguin New Pin & Rockhopper Brings White Puffle!

Hey everyone! Today on Club Penguin there’s a new pin, and also Rockhopper has arrived back to Club Penguin with a White Puffle! Read down below!

The newest pin is an O’ Berry located at the Ice Berg:


Rockhopper has arrived back on Club Penguin with a new catalog! It has one cheat in it, which is click the bottom island on the Wall Map for the Porthole:


Now, if you want to see where the White Puffle is go into the Captains Quarters. Click on the Notice Board when you are in the Captains Quarters. The board will pop up, and carefully look at the picture on the bottom left:


Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


10 Responses

  1. Check your YouTube, I invited you to the Penguin Awards! You;re a beta right?

  2. thats cool i didnt see the white puffle there

  3. Hey Nice Site Bike!

    Im a big fan!

    I also have a site….

    Not trying to advirtise…

    Im trying to get it popular like urs!

    Do u think u could add it to the blogroll?

    Thx! Just comment on the site replying.

    Also, can i be an author/contributer/editor/admin on ur site?


  4. Hey bikeboy how did you get people to notice your site im working on a blog but we have no hits and nobody sees my site can you help me? My site is

  5. Bike…you dont even have a freakin tracker…i dont even freakin see you on cp anymore gosh.. i was thinking you were banned

  6. Bike!!!! it’s Zapper903 SNOWDOBBY COPYED YOUR POST!!
    i was on Snow’s site for 1 min to see if he had copied anyone!
    and he did! and i checked your site,chewys,lil potts, to see who
    he copied and it came up to you look at his site :

  7. this is awsome thx bikeboy93

  8. Im a big fan! wohoo poo

  9. im a big fan! wohoo poo

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