Hey everyone!
I just saw a new puffle. You may of heard this and thought it was a rumour. But its not! Do you want to see it??

  • Go to the Dojo Court Yard
  • Wait there until it’s :30 after the hour
    [EXAMPLE] 1:30, 2:30, 3:30, 4:30
  • Or just wait every 30 minutes

Here is a picture for proof! Also sorry about the other penguins they wanted to see it as much as I did. Here it is.
Heres a clue “Club Penguin” has made that I just realized.
Here’s a clue that this puffle if it will be released may be able to turn invisible. Look here, THIS WAS FOUND ON A NEW WALLPAPER CLUB PENGUIN RELEASED.
There is also a news article in the newspaper that says this,
Here are my opinions and my guesses.

  • White Puffle that turns Transperant/Invisible when you play with it
  • Will arrive with “Rockhopper”
  • Will represent the Dojo or Sensei

Again those are only my guesses. Here is a short video I made on these mysteries on a new puffle color. WATCHIN HD