How Puffles Play With Their Furniture.

Hey everyone, Swiminn6 here for Bike Boy93.
As you all know “Club Penguin” has made puffles to be able to interact
with their puffle furniture, so know that puffle furniture you bough wasnt
a waste of you coins! Here are some pictures of what the interactions look like

Heres what feeding your puffle with the dish bowl looks like:
Heres what puffles sleeping in a house or bed looks like (colors dont need to match)
Puffles will automatically interact with furniture
Heres what it looks like with another toy

Comment what you think, need more help?


10 Responses

  1. awsome!
    ~rock on~

  2. pretty kool dude!keep up the good work!

  3. What happened to Bike? He hasn’t posted in like forever lol. Oh and there’s a new pin go to
    to check it out!


  4. Cool Site!!!Check out mine if ya get a chance and comment if ya can!!!!!!!

  5. How did bikeboy get that favicom I want one

  6. favicon

  7. the new pin is at the mine anyway,goodjob!

  8. can u post more funny pics?

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