Club Penguin Stage, Puffle Cheats, and Adam’s Party

Hey everyon! Wwe Adam posting for Bike Boy93!

Today Club Penguin released all the puffle interactions and Blue vs. Red stage play. I will show the cheats. But first a quick look at the construction going on in the town for the upcoming party!


See where else you can find construction signs!

Here is an image of the stage. There are no secrets in the book.


The puffle interactions is experienceing glitches, I’ll have the cheats up in due time.

In other news, my school has the whole next week off! I am going on a cruise that leaves from Florida tomorrow! I will be gone 8 days, so I will be back next Sunday. While I am gone, Swiminn6 will be posting for me, so give him a warm welcome! I’ll see you all soon! 🙂

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


10 Responses

  1. your wrong! there is a seret in the catalog. Click on the dogdeball that eric the red is holding to get the viking helmet

  2. nice, im from Miami, Florida. It is so cool there. Everythimg is nice there, even the girls.

    ( )
    ) (

  3. i hope you get the cheats up veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery soon cuz my puffles are going bizerk!! thank you sooooo much

  4. There is also a new pin hidden. It is in the mine

  5. Yeah you didn’t post the new pin. It’s the Puffle Food in the Mine. See ya!


  6. Hey yall, Sliperslidin here! Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentines Day!!

  7. your website is so cool.but my sister says dont do the cheats. p.s. post me please never posted before

  8. also i like your name.

  9. lucky its called winter recess. I dont have it but we get off of school a week earler =-)

  10. Hi byt it is a little silly this thing isnt it

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