Club Penguin February Clothing Catalog Cheats

Hey everyone! Today there is a new clothing catalog on Club Penguin with simple clothing items! Down below is all the cheats you need to know for the catalog!

1. On page 8, click the “S” in T-Shirt for the Spikester:


2. On page 9, click the “E” in the “Penguins At Work” for the Spikette:


3. Click on the blue dot at the end of page 11 for the Fruit Headdress:


4. Click the flower pot on page 14 for the Red Viking Helmet. Open and close the box with the Red Viking Helmet 4 times and you will be able to get the Blue Viking Helmet!


5. On the first Clearance  page, click the carrot nose on the Snow Man for the Yellow Scarf:


6. On the 4th Clearance page, click the “A” in the word “Clearance” at the top for the Pink Pom Pom Toque:


7. On the 5th Clearance page, click the “L” in the word “Clearance at the top for the Red Hoodie:


Finally check out the new backgrounds! There is 1 new one, and the 3 other ones have been returned from previous catalogs!


Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


7 Responses

  1. I see you all the time on clubpenguin but you never say hi. lol

    Bike Boy93 Said: Yes, I know I am very busy communicating with fans on AIM, and also working on my site. I try my hardest to be as talkative as possible.

  2. Hey,
    Awesome site!
    Please comment back on my site (Click my name)

  3. SWEET! I used your post earlier but i updated it :-p thanks and good cheats.


  4. sick dog

  5. Bikeboy, can you do me a favour? Your a beta right? Can you e-mail the picture of your beta hat in your inventory? You don’t have to crop it. Actually, please don’t. My friend Alex31440 is making an item log and she’s looking for a pciture of a beta hat. Can you try and e-mail me the picture at that would be really nice! Thanks!

  6. Hey! This is Alex31440. I just made my account, and I see that miami has already commented it, but I am looking for a beta hat/beta items picture for my item log. The log will be on my site sometime late February and early March. Aaah! ^_^
    PS: Ur site rocks! Keep up the GREAT work! : D

  7. hey bike boy! i have a 8 funny pics page! you have good funny pics so can you tell me what you think of mine! heres the link to my site:

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