Club Penguin Times Issue #173

Hey everyone! Today on Club Penguin there is a new newspaper! It talks about new puffle actions that react when they see puffle furniuture, and also a review of the month of January!


Starting February 13th you will see new dances and actions from your puffle! How? Well, if you purchase some puffle furniture at the Puffle Shop you can use it for them to do the new dances. The only way they will do the new dances and actions is by having Puffle Furniture out in your igloo.


January was action packed and filled with parties! We got to meet Dj Cadence for the first time, and also got the experience the second member party in Club Penguin history! Then, we got to experience the Winter Fiesta 09 with tons of fun! I hope Club Penguin will keep the fun parties up!

Upcoming Events:


Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


7 Responses

  1. Wow. Thanks For Helping Me Bikeboy And Nice Post!

  2. my friend aussie29 quit 😦
    and i finally got an aim! lol its:
    doggikingcpcw incase u want to add me on it

  3. Sweet!
    are you going to have another party soon????
    cause your partys are Awesome!
    You rock BikeBoy!

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  5. Hey!
    Cool Site!
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    -Storm 479

  6. this website is the best and if you go to the stage and go on the catalogue and then click on the dodgeball in eric the reds hands


  7. that’s awesome stuff when will there be the black and green guitar? i make a tank


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